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Wine Cork Crafts for Kids

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Kids can make great crafts using wine corks.  They will be unique and creative.  Wine cork crafts can be used for fun, for decorations or to be given as gifts.   After you see the results of your child's work, you'll contact friends, family members and strangers on Craigslist just to add more corks to their craft box!

Corky the Frog:

Color a wine cork with a green crayon.  With a dark crayon, draw a face - two eyes and a mouth - on the large end of the cork.  Fold a green chenille craft stick in half and tie a piece of string around the fold.  The center of the craft stick needs to be placed around the middle of the cork face at the large end.  Pull the craft stick around the sides of the cork and twist them tightly in by the middle of the small end.  Form frog legs from the two sides of the craft stick.  Your cork frog will float in a body of water.  Pull on your string and make Corky the Frog swim.

Thanksgiving turkey:

Glue two corks, big ends together. Once they have dried. Glue one end to miniature craft sticks that you have painted yellow. Add wiggly eyes to the top cork. Use pipe cleaners to shape a waddle and a mouth. Add glue to their ends and poke them into the cork. Glue small, colorful feathers to the back of the corks.

Angel ornament:

Paint a cork gold. Once it dries, glue a tan wooden bead on the smallest end. Paint a mouth, nose, cheeks and eyes on the bead. Glue little strands of yellow yarn to create hair. Make a small halo out of a gold pipe cleaner and glue it on the head. Create wings out of stiff, two-inch wide gold ribbon and glue it to the back of the cork. Tie a little gold bow around the neck of the angel. Tie a piece of thread to the halo.

Santa ornament:

Paint a cork red. Use black paint to make a wide belt. Attach a wooden bead and paint two eyes and a red smile. Add rosy cheeks. Create a beard and hair with cotton balls. Use another cotton ball to create a collar around the neck. Use a sparkly pipe cleaner for a hat. Make a spiral with a bottom large enough to fit over the head. Glue a tiny white pompom to the point at the top.

Bejeweled ornament:

Paint a cork silver or gold. Glue little jewels around the cork. Put glue on the pin end of a stick pin with a round ball on each end of the cork. Tie a thin gold or silver ribbon to one of the stick pins.

Ball ornament:

Glue corks to the outside of a glass Christmas bulb. Do it in sections, letting each one dry before you cover the second one. Paint it red, gold, green or silver using tempera paint or have a parent spray paint it. Add an ornament hanger and add it to the tree.

Pin cushion:

Glue four wine corks together with white glue. Rubber band them together until they dry. Remove the rubber bands and wrap the corks with colorful wire. Poke stick pins in them and use them as a pin cushion.

Message board:

Find an old picture frame. Glue a heavy piece of cardboard to the back of the frame. With the help of a parent, glue row after row of wine corks to the cardboard with a hot glue gun, placing them in an upright position. Let the dry thoroughly. Put a wire on the back of the picture frame and hang your new cork board bulletin board next to your door for messages.


Wine corks can be used as stamps to create pictures. Lightly dip them in tempera paint and add dots to your pictures. They can be used to add round items to a picture or can be used to create a polka dot picture all on their own. You can also cut a picture into the cork and add a very light coat of paint.


Have your parent drill a hole through the thick end of the wine cork. Go through magazines and newspapers and cut out words or small pictures you like. Glue the words onto the cork, overlapping them so that no cork shows through. Let the paper dry. Cover the entire cork with another layer of white glue. Let it dry. Make sure the hole is still visible. If it isn't, poke it through again. String a long piece of leather through the hole and form a necklace. Tie it behind the top and proudly wear your new necklace.

Key ring:

Make a keyring using a wine cork. You will need one eye hook. Screw one eye hook into the wide end of the cork. Attach a keyring to the eye hook. Cover the sides of the cork with words related to cars, just as you did for the necklace. Add a second coat of decoupage glue to the words. Let it dry. Screw a second eye hook into the other end. Thread it with a piece of leather and make a strap to slip over your wrist.

Cork Man:

You will need four corks, one wine cork and three smaller corks. Create one long arm piece and two separate legs by wrapping craft wire around a pencil, one for each arm and leg. Remove the pencil. Use half of a piece of craft wire to create a neck. Put glue on the end of each leg and poke both of them into the large end of the big cork. Glue the other ends of the wires into two smaller corks. Glue one end of the neck into the smallest end of the big cork and the other end into the third small cork. Attach the arms by centering them and wrapping them around the middle of the neck wire two times. They should stick out to the side. Draw a mouth and nose on the head cork and glue two wiggle eyes. Create hair from small pieces of wire. Curl the ends and poke them into the top of the head.

Crafting with wine corks can be easy and fun and good for the environment. When you have crafted these ideas, move on to the coasters and Christmas crafts that use wine corks too! Then create a few of your own.

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