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Where to Find Free Plastic Canvas Patterns

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"Where to Find Free Plastic Canvas Patterns"
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If you are looking for a Free Plastic Canvas pattern, you could try doing a search on a computer for "Plastic Canvas Free Pattern". I do that first, when I am looking for a pattern.

Plastic canvas pattern are online, but, if you want something new and different, you could try making up your own.

I designed a few patterns of my own a few years ago. It isn't hard to design your own projects!

If you want to make a new Boutique Tissue Box Cover, first, measure the box. Plastic Canvas comes in 7 count, and 10 count size. I use 7 count, larger holes, so your tissue box may be 4 inches wide and 7 inches high, just a guess. If your are using 7 count plastic canvas, it's 7 holes per inch, you figure out what size piece you need for the sides, cut out four of them. The Top piece is the same as the width of the sides, in a square. The hardest part is cutting out the center hole. You can count the holes, find the center, and go from there.

To make a pattern on the sides, and top, any pattern will do. You can stitch it in a solid color, or, make up your own pattern.

When you have stitched all the pieces, sew them together, and stitch the bottom edge, and you have a Tissue Box Cover!

If your feel you cannot design your pattern, maybe you could cut a piece into a square, and just start to stitch. I sometimes don't know what the pattern will look like, until I start to stitch. I have designed a cute Christmas pattern by just making red and white candy canes, and a dark green background!

When stitching a smaller pattern, the 10 count, 10 holes to an inch, plastic canvas is helpful. Today they have many colors, and shapes available at your craft store. The shapes can easily be made in coasters, which are very simple to make.

The trick is think what you want to make, find the yarn, I use any yarn, and sit down and make it, and HAVE FUN!

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