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Where to Find a Doll that looks like your Child

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"Where to Find a Doll that looks like your Child"
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There is a growing need for doll makers to create life like images of children. There are many people who would like to find dolls that look like their children to help remember the days when the children or remember them at a particular stage.

Reborning is one option when trying to find a doll that looks like your child. Doll makers painstakingly and artistically take an ordinary doll and transform it into something truly extraordinary and life like.

One of these artists is named Darhlia Spindler. She is a mother of 13, 6 of whom have grown wings. She resides in Australia and runs the website which specializes in recreating children who have passed away either due to miscarriage or early infancy loss. She spends hours and hours creating life like, huggable dolls that can help to ease the pain of a grieving parent's heart. The realistic qualities of these recreations absolutely has to be seen to be believed. I thought that these were pictures of living children and not dolls until I started to read the text. I definitely recommend stopping by her site to check it out.

There are many other "reborning" artists which can recreate dolls to look like any child. Some of these artists, like the one mentioned above, have created an art form all of their own. The dolls are amazingly life like and realistic. However, having a doll created can be both time consuming and very expensive though depending on the artist. These dolls can take months to create and hundreds of dollars. Sometimes it just might be worth it but there are many other options.

Even the standard Cabbage Patch kids can be found with your children's hair and eye color. You can even choose to make a new birth certificate on-line that has your child's name and birth date on it. I think that this would make an excellent birthday gift or even for a baby shower! Having the option to customize the doll's name and birth date make it a big plus.

Another way to find a doll that looks like your child is to go to the popular doll store or web site, American Girl. This store has a ton of dolls and doll accessories available. The wide variety of dolls makes it possible to find one that may look like the child that you are trying to imitate. Another big plus of this website/store is that you can buy the child and doll matching outfits! That would sure make some cute pictures. The dolls each have their own "story" as well. There are dolls from different time periods, geographic areas and such. These unique touches make the dolls more personal and intimate.

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