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Valentines Day Crafts Made using Chenille Sticks

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"Valentines Day Crafts Made using Chenille Sticks"
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Looking for Valentine’s Day crafts using chenille stems?  You’re going to love these chenille stem Valentine’s Day crafts. 

Chenille stems, often called pipe cleaners, are a very versatile craft material.  Chenille stems come in a variety of colors and they can be molded and combined into an infinite number of shapes.  Chenille stem crafts also appeal to a wide age range, from four to preteen.  Chenille stems are pretty safe to work with but are not recommended for ages three and under due to the potential of scratching from the metal tip.  Best of all, there’s no mess or big clean up with pipe cleaner crafts for Valentine’s Day.

• Chenille Stem Valentine’s Day Glasses

  Number per craft: 4

  Colors: red, white and pink

Chenille stem glasses are so fun and kids will look “lovely” in these heart-shaped glasses.  Make heart shaped glasses using red, white and pink chenille stems.  Two chenille stems will be formed into hearts with a bit extra from the topsides that will be connected together to create the nosepiece.  Add an over the ear glasses stem on either side and kids are ready to see the love in the air. 

• Valentine’s Day Count Down Chain

  Number:  half the number of days until Valentine’s Day

  Colors:  Varied

When is Valentine’s Day?  When is our Valentine’s Day party?  Kids are excited about Valentine’s Day, Valentine cards and of course, Valentine’s candy.  Using pipe cleaners cut in half, kids can form a count down chain to count down the days until Valentine’s Day or their Valentine’s Day party.  If families are doing this Valentine’s Day craft at home, use one color per child so that kids can take turns removing a link from the chain each day when it is their color.  The great part about this craft is that the chain link pieces can be saved and reused for other crafts. 

• Embellishing Homemade Valentine’s Cards with Chenille Stem

  Number: 1 per card

  Colors:  red, white and pink

If you have a hole puncher and some pipe cleaners then you are all set to add some fun, eye catching embellishments to your handmade Valentine’s.  Think of your chenille stems are ribbon or thread.  Use the hole puncher to punch sets (of two) holes around the outline of your heart. Kids can thread the chenille stems through the holes much like the way they would use lacing disks.  It will create a pretty and fun textured outline to their Valentine cards.

• Pretty Up the Pencil Crafts for Valentine’s Day

  Number:  1 per pencil craft

  Colors:  preferable red and pink, or allow kids to choose their favorite colors

We want our kids to write, right?  From Valentine’s poems to Valentine cards, let kids pretty up those pencils for the occasion with this super easy Valentine’s Day craft.  Kids can form a heart shape on one end of a chenille stem (using no more than half of the chenille stem) and use the remaining length of the chenille stem to makes wraps around the pencil to secure on the heart. 

Chenille stems are an open-ended craft material and kids may very well come up with their own Valentine’s Day crafts ideas from princess crowns to Valentine’s Day jewelry.  Either way, kids love to create Valentine's Day crafts using chenille stems. 

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