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Tri Bead Crafts Christmas Ornaments

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"Tri Bead Crafts Christmas Ornaments"
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Tri-bead crafts make it easy to personalize Christmas with homemade Christmas tree ornaments. Start a family crafting tradition during this Christmas season. These tri-bead Christmas ornaments will be great crafts to make for young and old alike. You'll be making memories while you make these fun crafts.

Please note that most of the crafts calling for craft wire can be made with chenille stems. The major exception would be the napkin rings.

Napkin rings: You will need 50 tri-beads in different colors, bracelet memory wire and wire-cutters.

Cut a section of wire about four- inches long. Coil the end in a loop so the beads won't fall off. Create a beaded pattern and extend it until all but three-quarters of an inch is covered. Curl the end of the wire with a loop big enough to keep the loops on the wire. Shape them into a ring to fit over the napkin.

Swirled tree: Swirl a green chenille stem into a spiral. Thread a clear bead at the top to create a star. Fill in the rest of the tree with any color you like on your Christmas tree. Loop around the last bead to hold them on. Thread a piece of string through the top bead to hang it from the tree.

Candy cane: Cut a five-inch piece of red craft wire. Wrap the wire around a red bead making sure the wire comes up through the bead's center. Alternate the beads - red then white. Stop one-inch from the end. Wrap the wire around the last bead. Curve it into a candy cane. Tie a Christmas bow around the neck of the candy cane.

Wreath: Lace red, green, white and clear beads onto a piece of craft wire. Form a circle and twist the two ends together. Tie a ribbon around the wreath where the wire is twisted together.

Bird Cage ornament: Fold three chenille stems and twist them together in the center. Add tri-beads to each stem, fitting them closely together. Stop one-inch from each end. Twist the ends together at the top. Push down to form a bird cage. Attach a section of a chenille stem across two opposite beaded stems. Glue a little bird to the stem Cut off the extra stems at the top. Wrap half of a stem through the top and form a hoop to hang it on.

Spiral ornament: Start this ornament the same way you start the bird cage. After you twist the ends together, twist the stems together tightly. Let go and decide if you want the spiral to be as tight as it is or if you want to gently loosen it by twisting it in the opposite direction.

Seashell ornament: Complete every step of the spiral ornament using colors appropriate for a seascape. When it is time to loosen the twist, make two groups of three and hold them together as you gently untwist the stems. Push down on the stems at the same time, opening them up a little. The result should be a seashell look.

Snowflakes: Bend three silver pipe cleaners in half and twist them together. Fill each section with clear tri-color beads. Stop one-inch before the end. Fold the end into a loop large enough to hold the beads onto the stem. Tie silver thread around one of the end loops. Hang the ornament on your tree. For a beautiful tree, make several silver snowflakes.

Tri-bead ornaments are perfect for family craft night. The youngest members can make the simple wreath or candy cane ornaments. The older members can advance to the more difficult seashell or birdcage ornaments. The greatest creation will be the time you create together as a family.

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