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Top Ten Crafts that Sell at Craft Shows

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"Top Ten Crafts that Sell at Craft Shows"
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Every crafter loves to see people admiring his or her work, and what better validation for your hard work that for someone to offer you money for it!

Selling at craft shows is a hard job, as you have to spend so long creating the items, and outlaying money on materials.

Having said that, there are crafts which sell, and if you like to sit and craft in front of the television, then it's only sensible to sell the items on! This is a great way of making the money to buy more materials!

Here are the top ten crafts that sell at craft fairs

1. Jewelry

Jewelry always sells at craft fairs because it's something that women cant resist and men like to buy as presents. This means that you have a double selling audience. Items made in gold and silver sell well as people can see the value in them.

2. Food Items

Have you noticed that the lady making the cakes always sells well? it follows that hampers filled with local produce or themed foodie items also sell well.

3. Country Chic

Sewing items with a country feel sell well. This includes items made from faded cotton prints and gingham and wooden items. Pieces on this stall might be hand-painted peg hooks, gingham bunting, patchwork throws, or animals made from faded calico.

4. Personalized items

People at craft fairs are often looking for gifts. Personalized items, especially those for children are especially popular. Name plates for rooms, book plates, pencil cases, place mats etc will all sell.

5. Knitting

Hand-knitted has seen a revival over the past few years, and hand-knitted items are now selling for a premium at craft fairs, whereas they were previously slow sellers. Far fewer people knit nowadays, and so skilled knitters are finding their experience is in demand. Jumpers and scarves sell well, but so do knitted stuffed toys.

6. Stained Glass

An unusual item, I know, but I have seen stained glass items sell very well. This is perhaps because there are not so many people out there selling it. Items range from window decorations (including Christmas decorations in season) to stained glass keepsake boxes. Hand-painted glasses also appear on these stalls.

7. Bath Products

These days we are much more conscious of what we put onto our bodies, and natural bath and body products are more sought after. Soaps, body scrubs etc made from natural ingredients are always good sellers, especially those beautifully packaged as gifts.

8. Imported Goods

Perhaps this is not a good item to add to this list, but imported hand-made items from other countries often sell well. If your aim is to make money, rather than to sell your own particular craft, then this might be an avenue to explore.

9. Dolls House Miniatures

The hobby of dolls house making is a global phenomenon, and crafters creating scale miniatures can cash in on this. Collectors look for dolls house furniture, dolls and accessories. These accessories can be made from fabric (curtains, rugs etc), Filo (food, flowers) or mixed media.

10. Handmade Greetings Cards

Surprisingly, there is a market for handmade, personalized cards. Be prepared to add a personal greeting, either in hand-drawn calligraphy or with peel-off stickers on the spot.

These are the top ten items that I have seen selling in the area where I live. You will need to test the market in your own home town by attending some craft fairs. Get a cup of tea from the refreshment area, and sit where you can see the whole of the hall. Take some time to check out which stalls have a crown around, and which ones are actually selling things to people quite a different thing.

Do your homework and you too could be one of the top sellers in your area!

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