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Tips for Taking Photographs of your Customized Action Figures

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"Tips for Taking Photographs of your Customized Action Figures"
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The first thing you have to do before taking pictures of your customized action figures is learning how to take pictures first. Learn to take shots at different angles and different lighting fixtures. In most cases, one can get a digital camera or just the camera on your mobile phone. I'd very much go with the digital camera because the shots will be cleaner and sharper than the shots taken with a regular film camera. It takes much harder work with a film camera than a digital camera.

With the digital camera, you don't have to pay for development. You can simply hook it up to your computer via the USB port. If you do not have a digital camera, you should be able to find someone you can borrow it from. Digital cameras are getting pretty affordable.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your figures are clean. Make sure that all the parts are clean as well. The thing about customizable action figures is that you can continue to customize them. Make sure the parts are clean. Start dusting the figures and the parts.

Make sure you're in an area full of light. If it's daytime, why not take the pictures outside? If it's dark, make sure you have plenty of light. Either way; pick a very suitable location. Make sure that there are no distractions. Place the figures on an open area with nothing else. That way, you get rid of all of the distractions. Remember, you're taking pictures of the customizable action figures.

Make sure the figures are posed on a pretty bright background. Best choices are either white or gray surfaces.

From then, start taking pictures of all your figures. Start making poses for your action figures. Take a few shots with each pose. Depending on the action figures you have, you can make all sorts of fun little poses. Whatever poses you can come up with, take several pictures.

Take the pictures from different angles. Angle shots are very important to just about any types of pictures. Do a close up angle and distance angle as well. Depending on what pose you give the figure, make sure you take a shot at the appropriate angle. It's like drawing up a comic strip.

Change up the different parts as well. That adds to the fun. From then, do the same thing with the pictures and camera angles.

Pose several figures together. That tends to attract a lot of attention. Remember that the camera angles are very important.

From then, use editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Afterwards, share your photos. Post them online for fun or start up a portfolio. These pictures are also crucial if you wish to auction off your figures in the future.

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