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The most Adult Final Fantasy Game

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"The most Adult Final Fantasy Game"
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Many Final Fantasies are known to be for all ages and always have been, or is that true? Is there any real reason for a Final fantasy to have more adult content and violence? If you look over time the older Final Fantasy games had a bit more adult content than they do these days, especially those for the Playstation console as well as even older for the Super Nintendo System. Which one hold the most adult elements? Surely it is none of the recent ones as the age demographic has been going down for younger people since this was a good marketing ploy. So which Final Fantasy takes the cake as the most adult? Well in this opinion, Final Fantasy VII.

This goes without saying, yes the graphics are very hard to stay in tune with because it was made back in 1997, and even then the graphics were not as top notch as they could have been but hey, it was the companies first 3D video game and they did a good job because it spanned out so many sequels and a large fan base solely for this Final Fantasy. If you take away the graphics and put them with more advanced technology it would lose that magical nostalgic feel. That said and back on topic, this game does not have any more violence as the rest of the series but it has its fair share of adult matter all right.

First of all for one example Barret, one of the main characters in the team curses at almost every rate he speaks in, of course this is dubbed out with $&!@, which makes it very comical but at the same time you can tell which words he has used and they aren’t just a simple damn. Another character shows this as well, Cid Highwind is a trash talking pilot who just might remind you of your air force uncle. This is not the only reason but the adult side also shows into the design of one character, Tifa. Her breasts are so large its hard to see her face clearly in some of the full motion video scenes, no joke. Her anime enlarged breasts are pretty laughable, topped with her tummy showing tank top and tight high mini skirt, what were they thinking?

Not only does that mark the high point but you can even dress up the main character Cloud as a woman and have him go in for the night with a big city high roller, Don Corneo as he picks his lady of the night and even does very funny hip thrusts. Not only that, Cloud can enter a hot tub with many large buff men and they proceed to play with him. Sounds too much for a kiddish Final Fantasy game? Well let’s leave it at that this is truly the most adult of them all!

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