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Sewing a Kilt Irish Kilt Scottish Kilt

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"Sewing a Kilt Irish Kilt Scottish Kilt"
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Having a kilt custom made can cost $170 or more. Buying an authentic kilt already made can cost $10 or more. Whether you want the kilt for Halloween, to celebrate with the Irish on St. Patrick's Day, to show your Celtic heritage, a traditional family wedding, or just because, that amount of money can really put a damper on the old pocketbook. Learning how to sew your own will cost you roughly half that amount and might make you that much more proud to being wearing a kilt.

Things You Will Need:

4-5yards of material

Buckles (optional)

Velcro (optional)

Matching quilters thread

Kilt Instructions

Sewing machine


Tape Measure



Purchase or download Kilt instructions and/or pattern. This will be the base of your kilt. There are many patterns in which to choose from so pick based on your style preference and sewing ability.

There are many available on the internet, just type it in to your favorite search engine. Purchase your material (tartan). This is generally based on the Irish family county and the Scottish family name. If you are unsure of your Scottish or Irish patterns or colors, a little research might be needed. There are many sites on the internet that will show you what you need and even the businesses that offer your official material. If you are just making a kilt for fun, the material is really of your own choosing.

Measure the waist of the kilt wearer. Wrap the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist (about an inch above the belly button) and take note of the measurement. Add a few extra inches just to be sure it is not too tight.

Measure the hips at the widest part and take note of the measurement. Because the pleats will add thickness, be sure to add an inch or two.

Kneel on the ground and measure from your knee to your waist and take note of the measurement; this will ensure the proper length of the kilt.

Get out your chalk, pins measuring tape, and instructions.

You are now going to make your pleats. Pleats will vary according to different patterns and instructions.

Sew the waist of the pleats according to instructions.

Sew hanging edges according to instructions, this will ensure no edges on the kilt will fray.

Sew on the belt loops per instructions if are making loops.

Add the buckles and/or Velcro according to instructions.

Show off your kilt!


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