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Halloween candy treats

Rare Pez Candy Dispensers

Halloween candy treats
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If you are a collector of the decorative Pez candy dispensers then you will definitely want to know what some of the rarest Pez dispensers out there are? Of course the list is subject to change with the passing of time, desirability, and availability of Pez collectibles on the market.  But this grouping of ten hard to find Pez dispensers just may be the current ten most rare Pez Candy Dispensers.

The Mickey Mouse soft head Pez Dispenser was a prototype that is believed to be a one of a kind item. It was purchased by an Austrian collector for what appeared to be, at that time, an astronomical figure to be paid for such an item. This rare Pez dispenser was purchased for $7000. and that extravagant purchase price may actually turn out to have been a very good deal for such a rare find.

Believed to be another of the rarest Pez dispenser in the world with perhaps only two ever having been made. This 1982 World Fair AstronautB is officially thus far the most expensive Pez dispenser ever sold. It was believed to have been created as a prototype for a future style of Pez candy dispenser, but one which was never followed up on, thus accounting for it's exceptionally low numbers count.

The Make A Face Pez candy dispenser is extremely rare because it was quickly recalled from the market due to safety concerns. The Pez container was styled along the same lines as Mr. Potato head with removable features, but it was recalled, because swallowing of these small pieces could cause choking. Adding this Pez container's rarity is the fact that the few dispensers that were still out there after the recall, were likely to lose one, or all of the original pieces while being played with by children. So an intact Make A Face Pez candy dispenser is indeed a very rare find.

Locking cap variety introduced in 1949 was one of the very first line of Pez Candy dispensers created. It is extremely rare to find one still intact.

Box trademark Pez candy dispensers were the very first Pez candy dispensers created, termed 1st generation, and these headless dispensers were introduced in 1949. They bear the 2.620.061 U.S. patent number on them and carry the words BOX TRADEMARK on their side.

Box patent Pez candy dispensers were the second lot of candy dispensers created, these were termed the 2nd generation, and these headless dispensers were introduced in 1949. They bear the 2.620.061 U.S. patent number on them and have the words BOX PATENT on their side.

Rare Elvis Collectible Limited Edition Pez Dispenser Set from 1971 featured not only the three unique Elvis dispensers, but also the famous Pez candy refills, and a CD featuring three Elvis songs.

Alpine man from the 1970's

Owl whistle from the 1980's

An actual grouping of Pez Candy Dispensers that fall under the rare category label are Misfits. This group of rare candy dispensers were actually factory creations that just did not quite fit in, and hence the name, misfits. These rare Pez Candy Dispensers were only sold through the Pez website so should be quite scarce, and increasingly valuable, if you can locate them.

When searching for Pez candy dispensers to add to your collection, keep in mind that Pez dispensers without feet are the more collectible version, and were made previous to 1987. Pez containers contain patent numbers which can be used to date your dispenser. Although all the patent numbers on these dispensers are quite large, the smaller the number, than the older that your Pez dispenser is. The first patent number issued in 1949 for a Pez dispenser was 2.620.061 so this will give you an indication of the size of the patent numbers on the Pez dispensers.



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