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Mtg Demonic Consultation

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Ice Age has a number of ridiculously powerful uncommons such as Zuran Orb and Icy Manipulator. Demonic Consultation is one other such card. Like many other tutors, this black instant costs only a single mana. The effect is that you get to name a card and it exiles the top six cards of your library. After that happens, you will reveal cards from the top of your library until you find the named card and put it in your hand. The other revealed cards are exiled.

Pound for pound, Demonic Consultation is even stronger than its predecessor Demonic Tutor. The fact that it costs only one black mana and is actually an instant makes it the perfect candidate for combo decks everywhere. After all, it doesn’t really matter if you’re almost decked out if you can get the last piece of your combination for the win. Such a seemingly broken ability is probably what kept it from seeing reprint. The sheer flexibility in exchanging that Demonic Consultation in your hand for anything you desire from your deck is almost too good to be true.

To some extent, it is indeed too good to be true. Don’t be mistaken. Demonic Consultation does its job extremely well. This card exemplifies black at its most corrupt form and therein lies the problem. Demonic Consultation can be black’s poster boy for its desire for power at any cost. It works great when everything goes according to plan but when things go awry, there is no turning back. And to be sure, things will go wrong at times. Your opponent may be packing some permission spell that will nullify the card you tutored or he may just force you to draw cards when you’re essentially decked out. You may be extremely unlucky and the card you wanted was already in the first six cards that were exiled initially. The card you wanted may even have been in the first few cards revealed but you suddenly realized that the initial cards exiled were a crucial element to your combination.

The use of Demonic Consultation becomes even more risky if you’re playing in a multiplayer format. Such formats as well as limited and Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) generally does not suit Demonic Consultation at all. EDH, in particular, will have your Demonic Consultation failing rather spectacularly though playing it while having a Hive Mind on the battlefield can have some amusing effects.

Regardless of its narrow use, however, Demonic Consultation remains a force to be reckoned with. This is the ultimate tutor spell that grants whatsoever the master wishes for a risk and a hefty price. Yet, it was not all that long ago when things like sacrificing a creature was considered a huge setback. During the time of Ice Age when reanimation was not as well developed, the graveyard is still viewed as a place from which very few spells make their way back. Today, a plethora of creatures routinely make their way back from the graveyard relatively unscathed as if the graveyard was just another picnic to them. Perhaps we can also see the exile zone treated in the same way in the future. If the exile zone can be made into a resource, then you can be certain that Demonic Consultation will truly live to its namesake.

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