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Mounting Doilies

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"Mounting Doilies"
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Doilies were originally meant to be articles of grace and hospitality. But since the days of homemade items are starting to pass us by with hectic fast pace life instead, it's not idealistic to have dainty doilies out collecting dust.

So you have a doily made by a grandmother you'd like to preserve, or maybe you made one yourself and would like to maintain its pristine condition. Well instead of leaving it out to gather dust you should mount and frame it.

Before mounting your doily, be sure to block it. "Blocking" your doily is simple moistening it and carefully stretching it out and pinning it into position before allowing it to dry. If you have never blocked a homemade item, it would be best to research that as well before beginning.

To mount your doily, you need to measure your finished doily and select a background that will fit both the doily and a standard size frame. Unless you have an extremely large doily, you should be able to fit it in a rather standard sized frame. The background also needs to be sturdy and still fit into the frame. Most craft supply stores carry backgrounds that are specific for mounting handiwork.

Once you know the size, you will need to compliment your doily by choosing a background color that exemplifies the handiwork. Most doilies are beige or crme in color. Colors that compliment these doilies are forest green and maroon. These colors bring out the stitches the best.

Now you have your background and you will need to choose a frame. Be sure to keep in mind that you are showing off the doily and as such need to keep the frame and matte "toned" down a little. Make sure the doily will "pop". Since you have a standard size background, the frame should be relatively simple to choose.

You will also have to buy some adhesive to bond the doily to the background. Make sure to buy an acid free bonding agent. Most name brand glues carry a craft acid free adherent, and these can be found at craft stores as well. I would suggest buying glue in a spray can since you are using it on an article with many small holes.

Now, after you have blocked the doily and collected the background and frame, you may assemble it. Place the doily upside down on wax paper. The adhesive is not as likely to stick to the wax paper. Shake the can of adhesive and spray a light coating on the back of the doily. Carefully transfer the doily onto the background. You should be able to carry the wax paper over to the background and place the background onto the back of the doily, after centering it, but do not press down. Instead flip over the background with your hand on the wax paper as well. Slowly peel off the wax paper. The doily should remain on the background. Carefully press down on the doily to secure the adhesive.

Allow the glue to dry then you can place it into the frame, close it up and hang it on your wall. Enjoy your handmade treasure!

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