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Mobius Knitting Casting on Stitches for Mobius Knitting Knitting in the Round

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"Mobius Knitting Casting on Stitches for Mobius Knitting Knitting in the Round"
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Whether or not you are an experienced or a novice knitter, there is a good chance that you have never heard of mobius knitting. This is a form of knitting in which there is only one edge and one side. Furthermore, it makes use of a mistake that many knitters dread when knitting on a circular needle - forming a twist in the work. In fact the patterns usually warn you not to twist the stitches as you knit your way across a row and start the next one. In mobius knitting, the work is knit in the round on a circular needle, which is very advantageous for knitting scarves and cowls.

Mobius knitting, once you have the stitches cast on, is very easy. Casting on the stitches is the trickiest part of this type of project. You have to do this in such as way so that they are cabled and completely crossed over one another.

If this is your first attempt at mobius knitting, which is also called speed knitting, you would be well-advised to use a large ply wool or yarn so that you can see the stitches quite easily. You cast on the stitches just as you would in ordinary knitting, but making a slip knot on the needle. Many knitters then continue with the traditional method of casting on stitches. This involves the use of only one end of the circular needle.

First, wrap a loop of the yarn around your thumb and insert the point of the needle as if to knit a stitch in the loop on your thumb. Put the yarn over the needle and pull through, placing the stitch back on the needle.

Another method of casting on stitches for mobius knitting is to knit them on. You make the slip knot on the end of the needle and then use the second point to knit this stitch. Instead of taking the knit stitch on the second end of the needle, you place it back on the left hand side of the circular needle to make the second stitch. From then on, rather than inserting the needle in the stitch of the yarn on the needle, you insert it in the loop below that stitch and after pulling through the yarn, you place this new stitch on the needle.

It does require practice to cast on stitches in either manner by making sure that you have the correct tension. If the tension of the first row is too loose then there will be loops along the edge. If the tension is too tight, then it will be hard to knit the first row because the stitches will be too tight on the needle.

Once you have the number of stitches you need cast on the needle, then it is time to start mobius knitting. As you join the work and start working in continuous seamless rounds, you can switch the work from top to bottom so that there is a twist in the work. Be sure to use a different color yarn to mark the beginning of the row. This is simply a knot of yarn tied around the needle that you simply slip from one end of the needle to the other to mark your place and make it easier to count the number of rows you have completed.

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