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Make Boomerang out of Cardboard

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"Make Boomerang out of Cardboard"
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You can make a boomerang quickly and easily using recycled cardboard. The craft template that comes with this article lets you create a 3-winged boomerang out of chipboard, a thin type of cardboard that's readily available in gift boxes and product packaging. This boomerang is easy and safe to make, and will return to you when you throw it upward at an angle. For this project, you'll need a computer printer, white printer paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a clean chipboard box, a ruler and materials to decorate your boomerang.

To get started, download and print this boomerang template. Cut the boomerang craft template out according to the printed instructions. Lay out some newspaper on a work table. Get an old gift box or a breakfast cereal box, and cut it open. Place the cut template on top of the unfinished side of the chipboard. Retain the cut-away portion of the template so you can refer to the instructions. If you like, you can also print these instructions to refer to them when you're away from your computer.

Hold the template in place, then trace around it with a pencil. Cut out the boomerang from the cardboard. Fold the paper boomerang template upward on the dotted lines, then mark along the folded edges with a pencil. Use the ruler to secure the boomerang in place as you fold the cardboard upward along the traced lines. Bend the boomerang's wings until they're at an angle of about 30 degrees.

To decorate your boomerang, don't use anything heavy or bulky, because you don't want to change the weight or the aerodynamics of the boomerang. Instead use markers, colored pencils, acrylic craft paints, airbrush paints or watercolor paints. Let your kids decorate the boomerang if they like, but supervise them to make sure they follow the right procedure. When you throw the boomerang, angle it upward 45 degrees to get the best results. Throwing the boomerang against the wind will help it to fly back to you. Throwing the boomerang with the wind will help it to fly in a longer and straighter path.If you put more spin on the boomerang, it will fly farther and make a more complete circle when it returns. To make the boomerang come down in a spiral, throw it straight up in the air indoors or outdoors on a calm day.

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