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Kids Sports Craft Ideas for Baseball

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What is the best way to intrigue a baseball fan into Crafts? Kids sports craft ideas for baseball will do the trick! Anything to do with baseball will make him touch home base, and not bat an eyelid as he crafts out baseball-related relics. These are fantastic baseball-related ideas that will hold his attention down until someone yells, "Out!"

1.  Design your own baseball Tee-shirt. Get the kids to design a baseball fan club Tee-shirt using Acrylic pens in different colors as these are the least messy medium. Place a piece of old but clean cloth over the inked parts and iron in the ink before you wash it. Your children will love the activity and the Tee-shirt they design by themselves.

2.  Decoupage photo frames are easy to make. The older children may want to give it a try. After pasting a picture of their favourite baseball player's photograph or picture onto a block of wood, chip off parts of the wood around the edge of the photograph or picture. Sand down the rough edges that remain after chipping off the parts. Lacquer over the entire frame two or three times, ensuring that the previous layer of lacquer driies first.  

3.  Make bigger than life baseball balls, bats and base pads from paper mache or modeling clay. Paint them over and decorate them. Coat them in good quality lacquer paint.They make great paper weights and note holders. On the other hand, you can make them no bigger than a palm, attach button magnets to the back and you have your own baseball fridge magnets.

4.  Baseball fan club button badges are simple to make for younger kids. Make the buttons from scratch using clay or paper mache, or purchase them from online stores. Simple ideas include pasting the picture of a baseball star player and a writing caption for the picture.

5. Decorate Baseball visors, caps and hats for the season's games. You can get a unique make-it-from-scratch baseball cap design from For the younger kids, provide buttons, felt shapes such as stars bats, and balls of different colours, glue, pictures of baseball players and a plain hat or cap to decorate.

6.  Design a banner for a favourite baseball team. This is a great idea for baseball-crazed kids who want to support their favourite baseball idols in season. A clothed based design that involves sewing and stitching is applicable to older kids. If a banner printing machine is available, kids can even design one using a suitable computer-based banner design program, and get the design printed using the machine. Otherwise, fall back on the conventional paper and pen design using paints, crayons, and collage work.

7.  Instead of banners, a home pennant is simpler and a great substitute as a smaller banner-making projects. Your will need poster board, preferably in your team colour, construction paper, a good glue, scissors, and stationery for colouring. Trace and cut out the triangular pennant shape from the poster board. By sticking together the other two smaller pieces, using a thin piece of stiff cardboard of wood, you can have a second pennant. Decorate the pennant with pictures of baseball and bats. Include a good picture of a favourite baseball team or star.

8.  Baseball fan club buttons are easy to design with the computerised software that accompanies the buttoning machine. After designing your button, print out the design onto the special laminate plastic and use the button maker to bind your printed plastic onto the raw buttons.

9.  Shoe painting is another unique craft that you might teach the children. Each child draws and colours his own plain shoes with any emblem of their favourite baseball star player or team. There shoes will definitely be eye-catchers.

Kids who make their own baseball crafts have fun and feel personally involved in all the rara for their favourite baseball team and player. Let them have a go at one or more of the craft ideas to get them excited the next baseball season. 

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