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Making free paper craft boat patterns is an activity that most children will enjoy without frustration, and is actually two great activities combined. The first activity is the craft project itself, and the second activity is trying to see how long the finished boat made of paper will survive in a bathtub full of water. Surprisingly, some of these paper craft boats can hold together for quite a while, but unfortunately most go down like the Titanic. The great thing is that paper craft boats can be made quickly and easily, so a replacement boat is only a few minutes away after the first one sinks.

Most of the following boat paper craft patterns are reasonably simple to construct, just print the pattern, trim, fold, and tape or glue the finished project together. There are some boat patterns located at that are incredible works of art, and are major projects - ones that you would never dream of putting in water because of the time and effort involved in building them. In any case, here are some great websites offering free boat paper craft patterns:

Paper Canoe - This is an easy to make project that can be made from a single sheet of paper, and completed from start to finish in only a few minutes. This canoe pattern is available at

Origami Boat - This is a fun boat paper craft project designed for older grade school kids, that when completed, floats well. This paper craft pattern is available at

Flying Boat - this boat pattern is a real piece of art. The pattern is 4 pages and instructions are 3 pages, but well worth the effort. This boat pattern paper craft is available at

Delphin - This is a very realistic paper craft boat pattern that is downloadable and is mainly designed for older children, available at

Paper Boat - This shows how to make a paper craft boat in 9 simple steps, from a single piece of paper that will float. This pattern is available at

Folded Boat - This is a fairly simple paper craft boat project, complete with instructions and a how to video. This is available at

Various Boat Patterns - This website is wonderful for making paper craft boats, with 40 models available. They offer paper craft boats like a German World War I torpedo boat, a sailing ship, a gunboat, a Mississippi steamboat, the Titanic, the H.M.S. Dreadnought, a US Navy mortar boat and many others. These free paper craft boat patterns can be found at

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