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Kid's paper crafts are an easy activity to keep children occupied and out of trouble, while at the same time promoting imaginative play and manual dexterity. Bird patterns of kid's paper crafts are especially popular, and are available across the internet in crafting projects that can be completed by children of all ages. It is important to remember to include children in choosing which bird paper craft patterns to attempt, because if you cannot hold a child's interest in creating desirable projects you, as a parent, may be in for a very long day. However with very young children, you may need to assist them in their choices of bird paper craft patterns, as attempting a pattern designed for older children may be extremely frustrating.

It is very useful in making kid's paper crafts to keep a decent amount of paper and various crafting supplies on hand - if kids get a project they love they can become quite prolific. It is also a good idea if your children enjoy any of the free paper craft bird patterns to send an email of thanks to the website that made the pattern possible. Also, if you should come up with an original paper craft pattern of your own design, share it with others. Here are some excellent kid's paper craft bird patterns:

• Peace Dove - This is a pretty Dove made of paper, tape and string that can be made in minutes, available at

• Origami Crane - All that is needed for this bird paper craft is a single piece of paper, and a video will instruct you how to fold it. This kid's bird paper craft is available at

• Lucky Duck Paper Plate Craft - A really neat paper craft for younger children, available at

• Various Bird Patterns - This website offers free bird paper craft patterns that you just download, print, cut and assemble. These are available at

• Chinese Phoenix - This is an incredibly beautiful bird paper craft for older children, available at

• Happy Song Birds - This is a unique bird paper craft using crackle medium for a great affect, available at

• Heart Bird Paper Craft - This is a simple craft process of print, color, trim and glue the pieces together, available at

• Various Bird Patterns - Most of the free bird paper craft patterns found here are made using construction paper and are great for younger kids. These are available at

• Chick Craft - This is a very easy and attractive paper craft for younger children that can be tied to other activities on this website. This free paper craft pattern is available at

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