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Kids Crafts Plastic Lacing Basics

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Plastic lacing, lanyard, boondoggle, gimp, craft lace or whatever you want to call it. One thing is certain though, it all equals to one of the greatest crafts for kids. Plastic lacing, or boondoggle as I like to call it, started with the Boy Scouts. The term boondoggle was coined by American Scout Master Robert H. Link, who died in 1959. The original term, boondoggle, referred to a bone or metal ring that was used to secure the scarf of a Boy Scout.

Boondoggle can be used to make a vast variety of projects, from key chains and zipper pulls, to bracelets and necklaces. There are many different types of stitches, which can be used. One of the most basic is the square stitch.

Square Stitch Key Chain 

What You Need Before You Begin:

1. You need to make sure you have enough boondoggle for your project. (For your first time I would suggest using around forty-eight inches of each color needed. This should give you a key chain that is roughly seven inches long.) This project we will use two strands of different colors.
2. Scissors.
3. Either a key ring or a lanyard hook.

Finding the Center:

To start with, you will need to find the center of both strands. To do this start by taking one end of both strands in your hand. Now take the other ends, and bring them up into your hand with the other two. Once you have all four ends even in your hand, run your fingers along the strands until you have formed a loop. At the center of the loop is the center of your strands.

Beginning Your Project:

1. First find the center of your strands. (Mentioned above.)
2. Once you have found the center hold your strands so that the centers meet forming a cross. (From here on out I will be referring to the strands as if it were a compass, using north, south, east, and west.)
3. Holding the four strands in one hand, take your other hand bringing the north strand up and over towards you to form a loop.
4. Now take the south strand bringing it up and over away from you to form the second loop.
5. Now take the west strand bring it over the north strand and thread it through the loop made with the south strand.
6. Take the east strand bring it over the south strand and thread it through the loop made with the north strand.
7. Finally pull the strands away from each other. You now have your first stitch.
8. Continue in the same manner until you have reached the length you want.
9. To complete your key chain knot the bottom, and trim the strands. Add a key ring to the top and you're finished.

There are more stitches then just this one. Why not trying doing a search on the Internet for more ideas.

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