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Ivory Snow Soap Crafts

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You can make some fun craft items using powdered soap such as Ivory Snow. Two craft recipes are mentioned below. One is to make soapsuds clay and the other is to make soapsuds snow.

Soapsuds Clay

Soapsuds clay is very easy to make and it's also a super fun play clay to use. Your kids can make sculptures or objects out of the clay and can let them dry hard. The crafts can then be put on the shelf to admire, or then can be used as soap! Once your kids get their hands on soapsuds clay, you will never again have to find something for them to do on a rainy day.

This recipe for soapsuds clay makes about a cup of clay. You can double or triple the recipe if needed, but it's best to make each batch individually. You can't store this clay because it will dry out. So, only make as much as you need at the time. And if you run out, make more!

To make soapsuds clay, you will need 3/4 cup of soap powder such as Ivory Snow, 1 tablespoon of warm water, and an electric mixer. If you want colored clay, you will also need food coloring.

Mix the soap powder and the water in a large bowl. Add a few drops of food coloring if desired.

Form the clay into whatever figures or shapes you desire. Let your creations air dry until they are hard. It's best to let them dry overnight.

Soapsuds Snow

Soapsuds snow is a neat little craft that you might want to use when making winter crafts or Christmas craft. The end product sort of looks like snow. You can use this snow to create snowy scenes in miniature villages or for elaborate snow scenes if you are into model trains and need a snow slop or snowy mountain. You can also use this snow to make holiday ornaments.

This recipe for soapsuds snow will make about 1 cup of snow. You can double or triple the recipe if needed.

To make soapsuds snow, you will need 1 cup of soap powder such as Ivory Snow, 1/2 cup of warm water, cardboard (you can use pieces of a cardboard box), and an electric mixer.

Beat the soap powder and the water with an electric mixer on high speed until it is frothy. Then immediately spread the mixture like icing on a piece of cardboard.

Let the snow dry overnight. When it's dry it will have a smooth, rubbery finish. Use the snow for decorative snow scenes or cut into shapes like stars or snowflakes to use as ornaments.

If you want to use this snow for other types of crafts and you want color, you can add a drop or two of food coloring just before you beat the mixture.

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