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Ideas for Fun Treats to Put Inside Plastic Easter Eggs

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"Ideas for Fun Treats to Put Inside Plastic Easter Eggs"
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Easter is soon approaching, and you know your children will be looking for some sweet treats from the Easter Bunny. Do not disappoint the children with these Special Easter treats!

There are three different sizes of plastics Easter eggs and all the different sizes are very fill-able with all kinds of sweet treats for your little ones this Easter! Purchase a dozen or two of each size and fill them all with the chocolate treats of the season.

The tiny size of plastic Easter eggs do come apart and will not hold much however they will hold a few jellybeans, or small amounts of change. Do not stop filling with those two items, as goldfish crackers, Hershey's kisses, or hugs, gumballs and a few skittles will also fit inside. For the little girls you could add rings or other jewelry from the bubble gum machines outside your local store.

The medium size plastic eggs will hold bigger items then the tiny size of course. However, you can add those gummy hamburgers, fifty-cent pieces, or silver dollars. You could also add small packs of gummy savers, individually wrapped lifesavers, miniature candy bars, or small birthday favors. You could also add a matchbox car for the little boy, a cool tattoo from the machines outside your favorite store.

The large size of plastic Easter eggs will hold individually wrapped peanut butter eggs, smaller little Debbie snacks, suckers, small home made brownies, chex mix, and multiple stickers. You could also add crayons or small pencils or markers to these large eggs and if you roll a pair of Easter socks up tightly, you could even insert them into the large size plastic Easter eggs.

There is a whole bunch of ideas to fill those plastic Easter eggs this year, and by using your imagination, you can really see some smiles on Easter Sunday. Stickers, tattoos, or whistles, little bottles of bubbles are all perfect for the eggs.

An egg inside an egg inside an egg is one that my children always loved to get, because in egg there was a special treat. Take a tiny plastic egg; insert a McDonald or Wendy's coupon, which has been folded up very tiny. Now put that tiny plastic egg into a medium size egg, which is then placed in a large egg. This is great for the 5-10 year old children who will recognize what the coupon is, if you have multiple children within this age range do multiple eggs like this so there are no squabbles, and chances are the children will share coupons if they get more then one.

If you have a toddler searching for the plastic Easter eggs, do not be afraid to add cheerios applejacks, gold fish, or Gerber's biter biscuits to the eggs.

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