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"Ice Candle Holder Tip Instructions Crafts Mould Freeze Mold"
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If you are looking for a fun or elegant (as you please!) decor piece for your yard, porch or window in the middle of the winter you might want to try creating ice candle holders. They are very versatile and can be quite sophisticated and elegant or random and child-like goofy. It might take a few tries to get the hang of it but once you do it will be well worth it and easy as pie!

Basically what happens is you freeze the water into a shape you desire it can be a simple block of ice or as complex as you dare to go and you either freeze the candle in it or leave an opening for it.

You can use balloons, buckets, cups, etc. but what i found to be the easiest and most diverse option is silicone molds. They might be a few bucks but once you use them for this you can re-use them over and over be it baking or freezing again, it really is worth it. Plus there is tons of different shapes!

Silicone Mold Candle Holder


- Silicone cake mould ( such as this round one)

- Enough water to fill your mold.

- Candle (make sure that the candle is not wider than the hole in the middle of the silicone mould)

- Optional: random items to put inside the ice candle holder as decorations


- Once you've picked out what you want to use to shape your ice candle holder fill it with water, make sure the water goes over the bit sticking up in the middle as that will be the part that makes the hole for your candle and you want it to have a bottom.

Optional: You can simply just fill the mould with water and let it freeze or you can put in decorative bits.

What I like to do is gradually fill the mould with water and confetti (something like this could look really nice).

Put in some water and confetti and let it freeze up fully or partially, if partially you can sort of squish the mould from under lightly so the ice breaks up and the confetti shifts around, then let it completely freeze.

Once frozen add more water and confetti, let freeze, repeat this until your mould is filled to top with water and frozen solid. You don't have to use confetti you can use leaves, potpourri, berries, twigs, anything that fits and isn't really flammable.

- Leave your mould in the freezer for a good few hours, once its frozen flip the mould over and just push the ice out, it should pop right out of it without any sticking or having to hit it so make sure you don't drop and break it.

- Put the ice candle holder you just made in the desired spot and stick a candle in it (you might have to trip the candle a little to fit the hole in the middle depending on what you get) light it and enjoy the beauty!

Another way you can make one of these is by filling a balloon up with water and setting it down in the freezer so the bottom flattens. Let the water in it freeze but not completely, you want a hard shell but a liquid inside. Cut the balloon at the top and carefully take it off, then break of the top bit (as much as you like but make sure a tea candle fits through the opening), you might want to make it a smooth cut or jagged edges. Once done re-freeze for a little while just so it sets in that shape, place the tea candle in and light up!


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