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How to Win at Yahtzee

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"How to Win at Yahtzee"
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Yahtzee is a game involving the rolling of five dice; This instantly suggests that luck is at play. However, there is a strategy to winning.

There are two types of Yahtzee: Single Yahtzee and Triple Yahtzee.

Single Yahtzee is simpler and shorter and involves some strategy, as opposed to Triple Yahtzee ,which is a little more complicated, more fun and requires more decisions!

After rolling the dice, it is important to chose which dice to roll again; There are five dice and each die has one to six numbers on it. The ultimate roll, is to get a Yahtzee, which are five numbers of the same. The odds in dice rolling, make this almost impossible on the first roll, however, it can happen! Sometimes, it happens on the second and can be achieved on the third roll, if one has the guts to go for it. If you roll, say three threes, you need to let them be and roll the other two dice. Sometimes, you can sacrifice your whole game, by trying to get that Yahtzee on the last roll, just by forfeiting a full house, for instance.

There is a chance column, in Yahtzee. This means that if you mess up, you can total your dice roll and place that number in that column, if it is useless elsewhere.
In triple Yahtzee, there is a tendency to fill the three columns pretty fast; But, this will not help you because, as soon as they are filled up, there is no where else to run! It is best to deploy your scores evenly and not take too many risks in the first few rolls. Sensible deployment with eliminate the need for haphazard rolling, thus filling the chance column(s)!

It is best to fill your columns equally; Meaning that one should not concentrate all of your efforts on filling one particular section, such as, the ones through sixes.

Let the dice tell you what is going on. Pay attention to the patterns. Do not be stubborn about your dice rolling; If you need threes, for instance, and your roll leans to a majority of fours, find a way to use the fours as best as possible. Try and use them in your three of a kind or four of a kind, or even go for a Yahtzee. Do not ignore the signs of the odds!

Full houses are very common and it is much harder to get a large straight. If you roll two 2's, a 3, 4 and a 5, on your first or second roll, then the odds are more favorable for getting a large straight; Rolling a 1 or a 6, is more probable! You can also establish a better pattern on the second roll, by seeing which numbers come up next. Of course, you already have a small straight, laying on the table, so it is better to set your sights higher, because you have nothing to lose at that point!

In Triple Yahtzee there are three columns; The third column, is the one to pay particular attention to, as the numbers are tripled when tallying up your score at the end. Where Triple Yahtzee is concerned, it is vital to fill the ones through sixes, column; Even if you cross off sections in your first column in order to the make the quota! Getting all three of each of the one's through sixes, or even more, in your third column, will entitle you to the 35 bonus points, plus!

Over all; It is important to take some risks. As they say, "No Guts, No Glory"!
Even distribution is key and try and hold off from filling your chance column(s), for as long as possible.

If you roll four sixes on your first roll, for example; Try and roll for a Yahtzee! If you end up with four sixes, consider that it is harder to get four of a kind, than three of a kind and put them in your four of a kind column, especially ,where sixes and fives are concerned! In addition; Say if your final roll ends up with four two's? It is sometimes best to use that roll as a total of eight, in your two column! This is because, later on in the game, you may only roll two ones and the extra score will keep you in the running for your bonus points. This also applies to other numbers.

Besides all of the obvious strategies; Bear in mind that other players are handling the same dice. There are patterns in the dice rolling; This means that there are odds! If you desperately need three sixes, for instance, and your opponent(s), roll three sixes, it may be less likely or more unlikely, that you continue to roll sixes in your turn! It all depends! However, sometimes when the odds are in favor of a certain number, then you may be able to roll even more of that number, in your turn.

If you were to experiment by rolling one die, 100 times? Take note, as you will see the pattern! Eventually, after the final roll, you will more than likely notice, that each number has been rolled almost an equal number of times. Taking this to five dice, leads to multiple combinations, which will need to be documented over a larger number of throws. One doesn't have to take it that seriously, but sometimes, one cannot help but notice! Dice rolling is all about the odds, the patterns and noticing where and when they start! Taking this all into account, may lead you to more risks, but they will be on a more calculated level.

Yahtzee is a fun game to play and one can develop your own gut feeling with the numbers. It is best to be sensible and remain positive and more importantly; Don't get yourself bogged down by decisions! Go with the flow of the game, have patience and you will win!

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