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How to Stop Yarn from Fraying

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"How to Stop Yarn from Fraying"
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If you are working on a craft project and the yarn ends start to fray then it can look messy. Not all yarns fray but it is a good idea to know how to stop yarn from fraying. If your hobby is bead weaving or creating unique jewellery then you do not want untidy yarns ends fraying and spoiling the look of the finished project.

Woollen yarn that is fraying can be made to look really appealing. Yarns that have been used to create handles or hat strings can be tied in a knot and the yarn ends can be frayed out to make a fashionable tasselled appearance. Odd ends of woollen yarn can be stopped from fraying by dipping them into a drop of melted candle wax.

Ribbon ends are somewhat more difficult to stop from fraying. When ribbon begins to fray then you are in danger of losing inches of your ribbon. This is when a tool called a thread end burner comes in very useful. You can find thread end burners advertised on the Internet and they are relatively inexpensive little tools. A thread end burner is an implement that is shaped like a pen. The thread burner is powered by one AA battery. There is a small press button on the thread burner to turn it on. Once you have pressed that button the very tip of the thread burner heats up. The hot tip of the thread burner allows you to burn off any odd frayed threads. Run the tip of the thread burner along the bottom of a length of ribbon and the tool seals or cauterizes the threads. After you have done this the yarn ends will not fray.

If you are looking for another good method of stopping yarn ends from fraying then you could buy a small bottle of Fray check liquid. This is a clear liquid that acts as a binder. Once the liquid has been applied to the yarn ends then it dries and prevents them from fraying any further. Fray check is stocked in craft stores and a small bottle should cost no more than $5.

The thread end burner needs to be uses with care. The tip gets very hot and it would be dangerous for children to use. Liquid seam sealants like fray check work well but they are highly flammable and must be kept well out of the reach of children.

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