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How to Sew Sequins

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"How to Sew Sequins"
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Sewing sequins onto any item gives it a little extra style and sparkle that will really get it noticed. Whether it be a scarf, a cushion cover, or an item of clothing, the time it takes to sew sequins on will reward you tenfold.

Firstly, take some time to choose the sequins you want. If you want a lot of sequins, then choose a piece of fabric that has them already woven into the fabric or sewn on by machine. You can get sequined fabric in many different colours, from your fabric shop or by mail order.

Next, look at the colours you want. Do you want your sequins to be all one colour, or to be a mixture of colours? If you want a mixture, do you want shades of one colour, or a variety of colours? Perhaps you want to pick out one of the colours in an item of jewellery you will be wearing, or the colour of your eyes? You might want the sequins to be the same colour as the fabric of the dress, or a contrast to the fabric of a headband.

Choose the size of your sequins carefully. Large ones might look attractive at first sight, and do, indeed, need less sewing, but the effect isn't as good as lots of small sequins.

Now decide on the layout of your sequins. The way they are laid out on your fabric will make a big difference to the effect they have. Randomly applied sequins will give a sparkly, generally glittery appearance, whereas carefully placed sequins in straight or undulating rows will give the fabric much more visual swing'. As you move, the fabric will seem to undulate and flow.

Now the difficult bit getting the sequins attached to the fabric!

You might have seen rows of sequins in the shops, and these are a great idea. You can buy them in different sizes, but they generally come in just one colour per strip. These can be attached by machine to your fabric, but I recommend hand sewing, as machine stitching will be visible over the top of the sequins. Tack the rows of sequins to your fabric and work from the back of the piece, catching the thread that holds the sequins together as you go. Secure tightly at the end.

If you want to apply sequins individually, you have a long task ahead of you. The benefits, however are great. You can place your sequins exactly where you want them to get the effect you need. Use a thread that matches the sequins, and attach it to the fabric. Come up the middle of the sequin, and push your needle down into the fabric as close as you can get to the side of the sequin.

You can either sew sequins on so that they butt up to each other, or so that they overlap. If you sew them so that they overlap, you will need more sequins, but the effect is spectacular. By overlapping them , you hide the stitch marks and your fabric appears to be completely covered with glitter as if by magic.

If you want to apply sequins to things such as slippers or solid headbands, I'd use glue.

Good luck, and stick with it it is worth it in the end!

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