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How to Organize Fabric in a Sewing Room

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"How to Organize Fabric in a Sewing Room"
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How do we store and organize all the pieces of fabric in our sewing room? We might have rolls of fabric, stacks of fabric, and small cutoff pieces of fabric. We've saved up this fabric for years and everytime we go shopping and just happen to see a fabric that looks like something we might use one day we buy it and the store of fabric keeps getting bigger and bigger. Where do we put it all?

Here are a few different ideas about storing your stack of fabric, fabric scraps, finished garments, and garment samples for making patterns:

Rack or closet

Every seamstress should have a rack or closet to hang finished garments. If you have a closet you can hang your finished creations on the rack and if there are shelves you will have space to store your fabric. Depending on the size of the the closet you can add shelves or storage bins for storing more fabric. Plastic storage bins with a lid are great for storing fabric

Sewing room as storage room

If you don't have a closet and your sewing room is totally devoted to sewing you can add shelves such as steel shelving or shelves hung on brackets. Organize your fabric by color, type of material, and use on your shelves. You can also have a few hanging racks in this area. The racks are for finished garments, garments not quite finished, and garments that you are intending to use for making a pattern.

Large cabinet

A large cabinet can provide excellent storage space for your fabric. You can also organize it better in a cabinet, since there are different doors and drawers. A large buffet works well for this type of cabinet. Maybe it also has glass doors on the top.
Your fabric is protected from dust and can be organized well behind the glass doors. You can readily see your fabric and it is protected. You can arrange your newer fabrics that you are planning to use immediately behind the glass doors and the older fabrics that you are planning to use in the future could be behind the bottom doors. Usually there is a drawer in the buffet and this could be used for sewing notions or sewing scraps - those small scraps that are good for quilting.

A cedar chest

Along with your cabinet you could also have a cedar chest or two to store other fabric or rolls of fabric. You can design your room so that it looks more like a sitting room than a sewing room if you utilize decorative chests and cabinets.

Wicker shelves and cabinets

Wicker might also fit into your sewing decor and would work well for organizing fabrics you are immediately using since they won't be sitting there collecting dust.

Whatever you decide on - closet, racks and shelves, an entire room that looks like a sewing room, a sewing room that looks like a sitting room, you can certainly organize your fabrics better with a system; and taking some of these ideas and combining them can provide an excellent organizational arrangement for your fabrics.

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