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How to Make Simple Chinese new Year Decorations

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"How to Make Simple Chinese new Year Decorations"
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How to make simple handicraft Chinese Decoration using Chinese Red Packets or "Ang-Pows"

For a Japanese paper fan shaped design that makes up of 7 wedges, you will need

14 red packets
double-sided tapes or staplers
streamers for decorations with plastic pearls and a little CNY golden deco charms.

It is rather easy to find the first two items if you do not have red packets overseas you may use long envelopes to achieve the effects.

The third item might be a little bit of a challenge to obtain, in Singapore, you may be able to purchase them from shops in Banda Street HDB flat in Chinatown or your handicraft shops in the shopping malls.

1.Fold all the 14 red packets tapered towards the center of the sealed end making a wedge.
2.Measure off 2cm from the folded end and draw a line towards the same longer side of the red packet, every red packet should look something like a parallelogram.
3.Cut away the two unwanted sides of the red packets, now you have a red packet that looks something like a wedge.
4. Trim the edges of each red packet into a wide arch like a scallop
5. Join by stapling once or twice the folded sides of the red packets, 7 red packets for the front, 7 for the back. Careful to staple along the folded lines and not beyond.
6. Join the front and the back section of the fan shaped decor together using strong double sided tape or glue
7. Attach streamers at the point where the red packets converge, as well as on the sides of the fan for a more elegant feel.
8. Complete your artwork by attaching a red string of about 12-15inches on the top of the fan-shaped decor for hanging on walls or ceiling for 3 dimentional view.

The more colorful the red packets, the brighter the fan. The more golden impressions on the red packets, the more attractive. You may hang this on the wall, at the window or along a passage way.

Hope you enjoy making this simple decoration.

You may make this as a gift to your loved ones, or offer to make for your friends for a small token.

Red Packets are red envelopes printed with auspicious words the Chinese use to give tokens of cash as a blessing to the younger ones on Chinese New Year or newly weds, bosses to employees, younger ones give as present to older ones on birthdays instead of buying gifts, parents give as blessings to their children on certain occasions like baby's first month, birthdays, etc.

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