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How to Make Paper Mache Earrings

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"How to Make Paper Mache Earrings"
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Paper mache earrings can be beautiful and are easy to make. They are also inexpensive to make. With a few supplies, a dash of creativity, and a few minutes you will be able to create fun, funky, and exciting jewelry.

Paper mache

Making paper mache items is easy. You only need to make a paste from flour and water. Once you have done that you can shred paper into strips and then make them into earrings! It really is that simple.


The first option you have for making beads is to make shapes from your paper mache. You will want to do this by cutting out a piece of cardboard in the shape that you desire to make your earrings. It is a good idea to punch any holes you want in the cardboard before adding your paper mache strips. Cover the cardboard with newspaper strips that have been moistened with paper mache paste and punch the holes through the paper mache. Set the pieces aside to dry.


You can also use newspaper and paper mache to make beads. To do that you will want to wrap your moistened newspaper strips around a stick (you can use a straw, a plastic cotton swab, or a bamboo kabob). Set your beads aside to dry.

Getting Creative

You can add swirls, bumps, and textures by adding scrunched newspaper moistened with paper mache paste. You can also create dips, valleys, and other types of textures as well. Additionally you can form any shape that you want. Add more paper mache to your shapes for a puffier look. Wrap your beads such that they are square or rounded.


Once your pieces have dried you get to decorate them. You can use acrylic paints to color the beads and shapes in any way that you want. You can also use crystals, glitter, sequins, and other items to add decoration to your pieces.


Each piece should be sprayed with acrylic or polyurethane to protect them. Another option is to coat them with clear finger nail polish. By making sure you coat the inside and outside of each piece you are making sure that your paper mache earrings will last a lifetime.

Putting your earrings together

You can get creative with your paper mache pieces. However, there are very simple ways to put them together that will make great earrings. You can add paper mache beads to head pins and then attach them to ear wires for fast and simple earrings. Another option is to use a jump ring to attach a shape to an ear hook. Combining the two options can be done by using an eye pin to "string" your beads on and attaching that to an ear wire while attaching a shape to the eye portion of the pin.

You can have a lot of fun making paper mache earrings. They can fit your style and you can keep them for many years to come. You can also mix other materials in for even more unique items including glass, crystal, and natural beads. Have fun with it and you will let your personality, whatever it may be, explode onto the earrings!

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