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How to Make Macrame Wall Hangings

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"How to Make Macrame Wall Hangings"
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As popularity grows in macrame projects, finding patterns are still kind of hard to find. Since the art of macrame declined in the 80's, a few basic patterns can be found.

I make several things macrame. I have made plant hangers, clothes hanger covers, bracelets, key chains, earrings, wall hangings and a combination plant and table hanger.

This table hanger is absolutely gorgeous in that you make a plant hanger in the middle and at the top of the hanger. As the hanger comes on down, there is a round glass table in it. I have a beautiful veil of tears plant that cascades down toward the table where I have placed a water feature. This is my quiet spot.

The art of macrame uses varying lengths of cord or thick yard, different knot tying techniques and a little time to create quite unusual projects.

It is also one of the easiest crafts to learn. Once you learn the knots, and complete an easy pattern, the only thing stopping you at that point will be your imagination!

An easy pattern that is both a small project but beautiful is the following pattern. This pattern can be adapted to compliment your individual taste.



• 36 yards of 5mm polypropylene cord or 4-ply natural jute

• 2 1/2 inch ring

Your choice of decoration for wall hanging (variations below:)

• 12 16mm wood or glass beads (optional)

• Knotting board or thick cardboard and t-pins to secure work on a level work surface

Finished length-20" not including fringe

Cut 4 cords 5 yards long each. Set aside

Cut 2 cords 8 yards long each. Set aside

Take 2 5 inch long cords, fold in half through ring and do a lark's head knot in each cord side by side up against ring.

Take 2 8 inch long cords, and place one cord, folded in half, through the ring to the LEFT of the first 2 cords and the other cord, again in half, on the RIGHT of the first 2 cords. Place a lark's head knot in each of these cords individually.

Take the last 2 5 inch long cords, fold in half and place on each end of cords already on ring. Again make a lark's head knot in each of these cords.

You should now have 12 strings of cord hanging from the ring. Number them 1-12 beginning on the left.

For a visualization you will now be making a diamond pattern.

Tie a square knot in the first 4 cords on the left and again on the last 4 cords on the right.

you will have 4 cords still hanging free in the middle.

Now take cord number 7 and double half hitch cords in reverse order 6-1.

You now need to renumber all cords. Take number 7 of new numbering and double half hitch cords 8-12 (in order).

Drop down 3/4" from point of double half hitches and tie a square knot button containing 5 square knots with the 4 center cords which should be numbers 5-8. To make the button, take the middle cords and pull down as you pull up on square knots. This will form a button. At this point, tie one square knot at the base of the button to hold in place.

Renumber your cords again.

Beginning on the right side this time, number 1 will be the far right cord. Double half hitch cords 2-6 onto number 1 or far right cord.

Using the far left cord now as number 12, double half hitch 11-7 in reverse order.

Place a double half hitch on each end cord, to connect the bottom of the diamond.

Renumber cords again.

Repeat steps above but this time use cord number 6 and work in reverse order to the left.

Renumber again.

Use cord number 7 and double half hitch with each cord to the right.

Drop down 3/4" and make the square knot button again.

Renumber again.

Repeat as above with cord number 1 on the right and double half hitch back to middle with 2-6 cords.

Use the far left cord and double half hitch in reverse order back to the middle again.

Double half hitch each end cord together to connect diamond again.

Repeat this pattern 3 more times for a total of five diamond patterns.

Gather all cords together, take 2 cords and make a large squre knot around all cords.

Cut remaining cord to desired length for fringe.

Below are variations to your new wall hanging.

Either place a bead at end of cord and tie a knot holding bead in place or heat the ends of the nylon cord to fuse together to prevent unraveling.

If you like you can brush out each cord and make it fuzzy.

You can also any decoration you would like at the base of the pattern where you tied the square knot around all cords.

Ideas could include flowers, ribbon, figurines, baby items for a baby's room, a small wagon wheel. Just about anything you can come up with that would complement your wall hanging with your home.

To get other ideas, supplies and more detailed explanations search the Internet for macrame patterns.

You will enjoy this new craft so much that you won't be able to stop coming up with new ideas.

Have fun!

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