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photo Faberg  Un oeuf fabriqu chez dumpr.net  partir de la photo

How to Make Faberge Eggs

photo Faberg  Un oeuf fabriqu chez dumpr.net  partir de la photo
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"How to Make Faberge Eggs"
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Faberge did them best, but you can make your own and it's not only fun, it's inexpensive. Beautiful, jeweled and decorated eggs - faux Faberge - are not just for Easter, but look gorgeous on a Christmas tree or in a large glass bowl on a dining room table. These eggs make wonderful gifts and are a fun project the whole family can enjoy.

You will need the following items for your project: eggs, small rubber bands like those used for mouth braces, a Styrofoam block, any brand craft sealer, paint brushes, thin patterned papers like wrapping paper or magazine pages, craft glue, scissors, notions like glitter, cording, lace, ribbons, sequins, fake flowers, faux jewels, bows, fabric remnants, stickers, tiny shells, feathers, rhinestones, and beads. In other words, if it's small and pretty, and you can glue it to a surface, feel free to use it on your egg.

Prepare your raw eggs by washing the outside of your eggs and sand them lightly with fine sandpaper or use a manicure filing block to smooth the egg's shell. Once the shell is clean, smooth and dry, take a pin or thin needle and make a hole in each end of the egg.

With a long hat pin, needle, or similarly shaped tool, poke into the egg and scramble up the insides so that the yolk and white can drain through one of the holes you have made. Place the egg upright so that it can drain easily.

Once the egg has drained for 5 minutes or so, clean the insides of the egg by running it under warm water and shaking it gently, then blow out any residue left inside.

Dry the eggs by putting them into an oven for about 15 minutes at 275F. Or you can microwave your eggshells on medium-high for about 30 seconds. Some people think this extra step helps to make the eggshells stronger. If you prefer, you can let the eggs dry and drain on their own by allowing them to drain for three days at room temperature.

It's time to paint now; poke a wooden skewer through the bottom egg hole halfway into the egg. Wrap a small rubber band around the skewer to keep it from going deeper into the egg, then poke the skewered egg into the Styrofoam block, or put the skewer in a glass of sand or small pebbles so it can stand up for gluing or painting. Coat the egg shells with craft sealant and let them dry over night.

Now you are ready to design and decorate your Faux Faberge egg. Paint one coat of the egg color you selected and let it dry well - then give the egg another coat of paint and let it dry.

It's easy to seal the top hole of the egg now by gluing a small piece of tissue paper over the hole before painting. Some people say use a hairdryer to speed up the process, but you are creating art with these gorgeous eggs, so take your time if you can, and let it dry naturally. If you can't spare the time, be very careful with the hairdryer as it can bubble up the paint and spoil your egg.

Locate and cut out pictures or designs to glue on your egg. Magazines, craft paper. wrapping paper and even paper napkins come in beautiful patterns and images. Make little snips into the picture to compensate for the curve of the egg and glue your pictures in place.

Now comes the real fun. Decorate your eggs using any of the beautiful trinkets you've collected for this purpose. Try to cover the raw edges of the pictures first, and then add your baubles, laces and beads.

If you want a loop for hanging, glue the ribbon or cord you're going to use onto the egg. Let the glue dry completely before hanging. Once you are finished with your egg, you can leave it as it is, or spray it with artists' fixative or even hair spray to give the egg a protective coating.

You don't have to be French to make a "Faberge" egg. You just need an egg and a idea and you're on your way to creating a beautiful decoration for you and your family to enjoy.

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