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How to Make a Terra Cotta Soldier

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"How to Make a Terra Cotta Soldier"
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Nutcrackers are fun, but why not have the soldiers protecting the house for the holidays this year. These great terra-cotta soldiers can be made in every size and decorate the entire home. They can protect the home from those little children that like to peak under the tree and sneak those extra snacks.

*5 terra-cotta pots per soldier (these can be made with any size pots, the more the merrier)
*2" white pom pom (directions to make your own below)
*acrylic paint: red, black,gold, navy blue
*black shoelace
*extra strong craft glue
*polyurethane (in a spray can)
*black and white felt
*permanent markers

All the supplies are gathered. cover the painting area with newspaper and let the painting begin.

Pot Number One: Paint the entire pot black (hat)

Pot Number Two: This pot needs detail so there will be drying time involved. With the pot right side up paint the top band of the pot black. Pain the body of the pot white. Allow to dry. Either paint the eyes and happy red smile or use permanent marker.

Pot Number Three: This is the body of the pot. Paint the entire pot red.

Pot Number Four: The band of the pot should be painted red. The body of the pot should be painted navy blue.

Pot Number Five: Paint the entire pot navy blue.

Once all of the pots are completely dry, spray all the pots with the polyurethane. Allow to dry completely.

Make the pompom in the mean time. Cut a 4 inch cardboard square. Wind the yard around the cardboard square 30 times. Slip the strands of yarn off the cardboard. With a separate 9 inch strand of yarn tie the strands in the middle. Do not cut the loops, spread the yarn nicely for the pompom.

It is time to stack and glue the pots. Place the blue pot upside down. Place the glue over the entire surface ( the bottom of the pot). Take the red pot with the blue band and place it right side up on the glued surface. Allow it to dry completely.

Place the glue on the rim of the red and blue pot. It should be placed on the very top rim. Place the red pot on it upside down. Allow it to dry.

Apply the glue to the bottom of the red and blue pot. Put the pot with the face on it right side up. (This should be obvious). Allow it to dry.

Now top off the soldier with the black pot for the hat.

And now it is time for all the little embellishments that finish off the soldier.

Cut a rectangle out of black felt. The size really depends on the choice of the terra-cotta pot. It is used to make the hat brim of the soldier.

The hat strap is made by gluing the shoe lace to the side of the pot. Cut to the appropriate length.

Use the black felt to wrap around the red band and make a belt. Paint the belt buckle with the gold paint.

Cut the white mittens and glue to the soldier.

Top if off with the pompom.

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