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How to Make a Santa Clause Face

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"How to Make a Santa Clause Face"
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Those of us who have children or grandchildren and celebrate Christmas love to decorate our homes in festive colors and lights to celebrate the holiday. We take delight in seeing the excitement and wonder on the children's faces as they view the decorations. Most of the time it is Santa Claus' jolly face they are most drawn to among our decorations as they anxiously await his arrival with gifts.

The step by step directions below will enable you to make a very lovely Santa Claus face to hang on a wall, fireplace, or front door to greet your guests.


1 One gallon bleach bottle

2 Skeins of white yarn

1 Red half inch pompom

42 White pipe cleaners

2 Google eyes

1 Felt square, flesh color

Red felt


Elmer's Glue

Super Glue Gel (for nose and eyes only)

Powder Blush Compact and blush brush


Scrap Cardboard


Two or three days before you intend to assemble your Santa Claus face remove the label from an empty gallon bleach bottle. Wash the bottle out and drain it. Allow it to completely dry before proceeding.

Make templates you will use to wrap the yarn by cutting out one piece of heavy cardboard in each of the following lengths:

12 inches, 10 inches, 9 inches, 8 inches, 7 inches, 6 inches, 5 inches, 4 inches, and 2 1/2 inches.

Cut the clean, dry bleach bottle completely in half lengthwise through the spout and down the sides. Each half should have one half of the spout and handle.

Make the hat next. Cut red felt into two triangular pieces 9 1/2 inches wide at the base and 15 inches in height. Sew the 2 pieces together down the long sides. Turn the stitched side to the inside. Glue the hat to the bleach bottle by gluing the inside base of the hat to the side to side seam that runs across the bleach bottle below the handle. Hold the bottle up and allow the top portion of the hat to tip forward as it will when it is finished and hanging on the wall or door. Lay the bottle down on the working surface with the hat still in that position. Cut 9 pieces of yarn, each 4 1/2 inches long. Lay the pieces of yarn together and fold in half. Lay this looped end on top of the end of the hat about 1/2 inch from the tip. Tightly secure the tassel to the hat tip by winding a length of yarn around the hat tip and loop of yarn you created repeatedly to create the tassel effect. Begin and end the winding on the side of the tip that will not be seen when it is hanging up. Tie a knot to secure the yarn you wound around the loop.

You will need to make 41 loops of yarn which will become Santa's hair, beard, and mustache, by winding the yarn around the cardboard templates 20 times for each loop. Carefully remove each loop from the template and secure in the middle with one white pipecleaner twisted tightly. Leave plenty of pipe cleaner length. Do not cut it off or wind the excess around the loop. Proceed making loops until all are completed. Make the following amount of loops in the lengths indicated:

10 Loops using the 12 inch template

2 Loops using the 10 inch template

2 Loops using the 9 inch template

2 Loops using the 8 inch template

3 Loops using the 7 inch template

2 Loops using the 6 inch template

2 Loops using the 5 inch template

2 Loops using the 4 inch template

16 Loops using the 2 1/2 inch template

Punch 16 holes across the middle of the bottle just under the hat. Punch 10 evenly spaced holes across the bottom of the bottle about 1 1/4 inches from the bottom. Punch 7 evenly spaced holes in a line down the side of the bottle about 1/2 inch inside the edge and in line between the top hole and bottom hole you have already punched. When finished the holes will form a rectangle.

Measure the size of the area created between the lines of holes you punched. This is the face area. Cut a piece of the flesh color felt to fit the measurements you obtained and glue it to the bottle between the lines of holes. Do not obscure the holes. Cut one piece of red felt in a small circle using a soft drink bottle cap as a template. Set the circle aside.

Slide the ends of the pipe cleaner of each of the 2 1/2 inch loops through the 16 holes across the top of bottle under the hat. Secure Santa's hair in place by twisting one piece of pipe cleaner from each loop to a piece of pipe cleaner from the adjacent loop all the way across on the back side of the bottle. Make sure the loop is tight against the bottle on the front side when you do this.

Place 1 each of the loops on one side of the bottle beginning with the 4 inch loop at the top, then the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 inch loops in the 7 holes down the side of the bottle. Secure the loops in place on the back side of the bottle in the same manner you secured the hair. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the bottle.

Place 1 of the 12 inch loops in each of the 10 ten holes across the bottom of the bottle. Secure the loops in place in the same manner as you did the other loops.

Use Super Glue Gel to glue Santa's eyes in place on the felt face with the top of the eye just under where the hair line falls. Take care not to use too much of the glue. Center the red pompom between and just below Santa's eyes. Secure in place by using the Super Glue Gel, again taking care not to use too much of the glue. Use the Elmer's glue to glue the red felt circle 1/2 inch below the nose for the mouth.

Use a nail to punch a hole centered between the nose and mouth. Insert 1 of the 7 inch loops of yarn in the hole for the mustache and secure it on the back side of the bottle by tightly twisting the pipe cleaner.

Create a hanger for your Santa face by using the 1 remaining pipe cleaner to form a circular loop about 2 inches wide. Secure it in place on the back side of the bottle by twisting the excess pipe cleaner to the pipe cleaner of some of the loops that formed the hair.

Use the brush blush to gently brush on the blush for Santa's cheeks in a natural manner, as you would apply makeup. It gives a beautiful finishing touch to your Santa. It adheres well to the felt and will remain on it for years.

Your beautiful Santa Claus is now ready to hang on the wall or door! Do not discard your templates! You will probably receive requests from family and friends who visit your home through the holidays to make one for them.

After Christmas, store the Santa Claus face inside a plastic bag placed in a box. This will protect it from dust and from being crushed. It will last for years of enjoyment if properly stored.

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