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How to Make a Miniature Plate of Pancakes from Polymer Clay

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"How to Make a Miniature Plate of Pancakes from Polymer Clay"
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Pancakes covered in syrup are one of my favorite breakfast items, and I could eat some right now. Making pancakes at home are pretty easy, and making miniature pancakes for your dollhouse is pretty easy as well. Here are some detailed instructions on how to make miniature pancakes on a plate that your dolls can enjoy.

To make a plate simply roll a piece of white clay out onto a table coated with baby powder. Next use a quarter to cut perfect circle. Trace a nickel onto a thin piece of cardboard and cut this piece out. Sprinkle a little baby powder onto the piece of clay and press this piece into the middle of the circle of clay and turn it upside down on your baking dish.

To start making your pancakes you will need brown clay, white clay, translucent clay, a small piece of plastic or a lid, a wooden stick or tongue depressor, and liquid polymer clay. Mix a little brown clay with some white clay to make a beige clay for your pancakes. Remember you want them to be golden so add a little orange if you like. Mix the clay really well so that the color is one sold brownish beige. Break the beige clay into three semi even balls; slightly flatten the balls.

Now take some white clay and mix tiny bit of brown and tiny bit of translucent clay with it until it is one solid cream color. Break this into three pieces and roll it into a long tube. Now flatten the tube into a ribbon and wrap it around the outside of the flattened balls. Flatten the balls a little more and make sure the cream color forms a ring around the outside; this gives the effect of real pancakes. Bake these pieces and the plate in the oven for about 7 minutes.

While this is baking mix some translucent clay with some brown clay until it is very soft. Next add this clay to some liquid clay and stir with a wooden stick. You want to make this appear syrupy so add extra liquid clay to it. Mix until combined and set aside Now mix a little bit of white clay with the liquid polymer clay and set this aside too.

When the pancakes are done cooking, and they have cooled you can put everything together. Start this process by stacking your pancakes on top of the plate. Next use a paintbrush to drizzle the brown syrup concoction on top of the pancakes and around the sides of the plate; if the syrup is too thick dd more liquid clay to it.

To make pat of buttter simply cut a cube out of a white piece of clay. Use some of the white liquid clay uou have created to look like melted butter in the middle of the pancake. The liquid clays will mix with each other for a natural look. Now add the square of butter to the top of the pancake and bake again for about 7 minutes. This will set your piece together.

This pancake plate looks realistic and delicious, and it will fit well in your dollhouse kitchen.

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