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How to Make a Cross out of Palms

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"How to Make a Cross out of Palms"
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Learning how to make a cross out of palms is something people often get confused about but it is really very simple with a little direction. Each year on Palm Sunday, churchgoers usually head home with a few palms after service and want to know how to make a cross out of them so they are easier to display year round. Follow these simple steps and in no time you will have the technique mastered.

These instructions will be broken down into two sections to help make them easier to follow. Keep in mind that if you make a mistake it is okay - palm is very easy to unfold and try again. It is normal even with instructions to make a mistake the first time you try to make a cross out of palms.

Step 1: Hold the palm in your hand horizontally

Step 2: At the midway point of the palm make a fold so that it is bent to a 90 degree angle

Step 3: At the midway point of the palm, fold one piece down over the other so it overlaps and points down toward the floor

Step 4: Fold that same piece you just bent tightly downward so that it wraps around and is now pointing up toward the ceiling.

Step 5: Grasp the piece that has been stationary (unfolded) and fold it across the piece you have been previously working with to create a square.

Step 6: Still holding the section of the palm you just folded over, slide it through the square that you just finished making at the center point of the palm. The exact spot you want to slide the palm through is located on the back of the palm and will go under the first fold you made when starting the folding process in step 3.

Step 7: Pull that section of palm through until the knot is tight enough to not need pressure to hold it in place.

Part 2 begins once the knot has been made and is fully secure.                                      

Step 1: Take the section of the palm that points upward and fold it down. Slide it through the square to create the front of the cross.

Step 2: Take that same piece and slide it back up through the square from the previous step to make the bottom of the cross.

Step 3: At this point you are halfway done. Turn the palm over so that the horizontal section of the palm is facing to the right. As you view it from above you should see a vertical square. Take the piece of the palm now facing the right and slide it through the square to make the first side of the cross.

Step 4: Take the same section of palm you just worked with and slide it through the same square you just used in step 3. The key is to make sure when you do this that you thread it behind where you just slid it through so you do not undo your work.

At this point you are done and have a cross made of palms. There will be some pieces that are uneven and it is okay to trim them off or down to make the palm cross look more uniform. Keep in mind many people make mistakes the first time, but it is okay. Palm is forgiving enough to allow you to try again until you get it right.

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