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How to Make a Coin Bezel

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"How to Make a Coin Bezel"
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Displaying coins is always a tricky undertaking, and a large collection is virtually impossible to display appropriately. There are of course albums which can hold coins, but many people also like to show off a special individual coin with the use of a coin bezel. Although bezels are more commonly used with gemstones and jewellery, there is no reason why a coin cannot be turned into a piece of jewellery with a coin bezel.

Having decided upon the coin to be placed in the coin bezel, it is then necessary to obtain the appropriate type of bezel wire. Bezel wire is manufactured in many different metal types, including silver and gold, and an appropriate colour to match the coin can normally easily be found.

The circumference of the coin though be measured as well as the thickness of the coin, these dimensions are going to be important in determining the length and width of the bezel wire to be used. The bezel wire should be slightly longer and slightly wider than the dimensions of the coin. The bezel wire should be cut with appropriate pliers or cutters. The end of the bezel wire should then be filed so that the bezel wire will wrap around the coin perfectly, and the two ends of the bezel wire can then be soldered together.

Soldering is an acquired skill and so to get a perfect join will take a great deal of practice, although an expert solder can make an almost invisible join.

The bezel should fit perfectly around the coin, although the coin will not be flush with the top of the coin. The next part of creating a coin bezel is not an easy process as it means positioning the coin so that there is an excess of bezel wire above the obverse of the coin, as well as the reverse of the coin. Once positioned the bezel wire can then folded over using a bezel roller or burnisher. In most cases it is best to work not in a circular motion around the coin but at opposite positions, which will ensure that there is an even folding over. The same process of course is undertaken on the reverse of the coin.

To make the coin bezel into a piece of jewellery a hoop or similar can be soldered to the outside of the bezel wire, through which a chain can be thread.

There are many advantages of using a coin bezel, with the primary reason being that when done correctly the coin should be undamaged, and if necessary can be removed from the pendent or bracelet. A coin bezel is an easy thing to create, and can transform an ordinary coin into a unique piece of jewellery, or show a special coin off at its best.

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