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How to Make a Beaded Belt

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"How to Make a Beaded Belt"
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Making a beaded belt may seem like an impossible task but these instructions can be followed by even someone who has never worked with beads. Once you make one beaded belt you will probably want to make more in other colors. There’s no sewing required, no intricate threads or the like and you’ll really enjoy seeing your own creation taking shape.

The only supplies you need are:

Thin crochet cotton or String

6mm beads

Beading needle or regular hand sewing needle

If you don’t have crochet cotton use four strands of good regular sewing thread or two strands of a heavier sewing thread.

For this example the measurements are set for someone with a thirty inch waist. You may need to lengthen or shorten the size of the belt. Just measure your waist and add 28 inches to that . In this case 30 inches plus 28 inches equals 58 inches. So you would cut the strands of crochet cotton to be 58 inches each.


The above diagram shows the division of the sections.

Cut three strands of crochet cotton that are 58 inches long. Decide what bead pattern you want to use. Create a bead pattern such as 4 beads of one color and two beads of another color.


String on 1 bead and make a knot in the end of the cord so it doesn’t slip off. Continue adding the beads in the pattern you selected until you have 12 inches of beaded string. Make a knot in the string right after the last bead you put on.

Skip a two inch section of string and make another knot. Do not put any beads in this section.

________ _ _ ______[ (broken section represents 2 inches)

Begin adding beads again until you are 14 inches from the other end. Make a knot in the string, skip 2 inches and make another knot. Then continue beading until you have reached the other end. Tie a knot in this end to hold the beads on.


Make the other two strands of beads following the same pattern from * to * above.

When these are done, lay the three strands of beads out on the table side by side so they match exactly. Use short pieces of string or the same cord and tie the three strands together about every three inches down the length of the belt. Do not tie any sections past the areas that have no beads. Tie only the 30 inch center section. The ends will hang loose.

Add just a little white glue to every knot you have made in the three strands.

This belt is worn by simply loosely tying it around your waist in the area where you skipped adding beads.

You could also add any charms you like to the ends of the beads using spring rings or use the charms that have a lobster claw clasp already attached and you will be able to change them as you like.

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