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How to get Fast Xp and Level up Fast in Skyrim Guide

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"How to get Fast Xp and Level up Fast in Skyrim Guide"
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Bethesda Softworks is one of the most vast and immersive video games of all time. The title, which saw its release in November of 2011, has since gained huge worldwide acclaim. Skyrim is an RPG game and like many RPG’s, the game puts emphasis on the necessity of gaining XP in order to level up, become stronger, learn new skills and get useful perks, skills and boosts. However, leveling can sometimes become difficult and tedious in Skyrim, particularly the higher level you become. Here are some tips to help you level up fast in Skyrim.

There are many skills in the game which can be spam trained in order to allow players to level up quickly. These skills include one handed, two handed, block, light armor and heavy armor.

To quickly raise one- and two-handed skills, follow the Dark Brotherhood storyline and unlock Shadowmere the horse. Simply equip a weak weapon such as an iron dagger or iron great sword and hack away at him. He will not attack back and he has a fast HP regeneration to stop him dying. With this skill, you can gain insanely fast one and two hand levels all the way to 100.

Similarly, block, heavy and light armor can also be quickly raised. Simply hit a guard in a big town such as Whiterun or Dawnstar and refuse to pay the fine. All guards will then attack you. Equip a full set of light armor or heavy armor, depending on what you want to level up, and have a huge stash of HP potions and HP boost perks. Just stand there and tank the damage. You will be level 100 in no time. For 100 block, use the same technique, only raise your shield.

Skills such as smithing can also be quickly raised. Have a large stash of cash and then head to a blacksmith such as the one in Whiterun. Buy all of the basic equipment such as iron ore, iron bars, leather and leather strips. Wait for 48 hours and buy more. Repeat this process until you have no money left. From there, head to an anvil and make cheap weapons such as iron daggers and leather gauntlets. This will get you insanely quick smithing levels. Repeat this process until you are level 100 smithing and you can craft daedric armor and dragon armor.

Sneak and pick pocketing are also very easy to raise. Simply break into someone’s house at night. For sneak, simply walk around at their bedside while they sleep and your XP will rise very quickly. If they wake up, wait, rinse and repeat. Pick pocketing can also be done in the same way. Wait until they are asleep and pickpocket them. Drop arrows into their inventory and pickpocket the arrows one at a time for very fast pickpocket experience.

The vast array of skill paths in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim unlock a huge amount of perks, bonuses and skills at 100 skill mastery and luckily, many of the skills in Skyrim can be raised very fast if you just know how. If you are looking to gain levels fast in Skyrim, use the guide above to help you gain XP fast in some of the most prominent and most useful skills.

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