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How to get Bodyguards in Mafia Wars

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"How to get Bodyguards in Mafia Wars"
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It is possible to gain the loot item Bodyguard’s in the highly popular Facebook game by Zygna in either one of two ways.  The optimum number to try to obtain is a minimum of four Bodyguards as this is the most required to complete later jobs in New York.  The first way, that leaves a little to chance, is to repeatedly perform the Protect your City against a Rival Mob job found in the New York jobs under the Hitman level of jobs.  In order to be able to perform this job the player must be at least level twenty-two and have the following items ten Chain Guns, five Getaway Cruisers and two Town Cars.

Performing the Protect your City against a Rival Mob job costs thirty-one energy each time it is done.  As a reward it offers fifty-six experience, two million four hundred and sixty four thousand dollars and the chance of additional loot.  It is this chance of additional loot that the player must rely on in order to gain Bodyguards.  The chance of Bodyguards as loot from performing this job is high but is still that a chance, the player may need to complete the job numerous times before they successfully get Bodyguards as loot.

Bodyguard’s can also be sent as gifts from friendly players in your mafia whom have already looted them in significant numbers or have completed the jobs that they are a requirement for.  If the player knows the other player personally it can be best to request them via a Facebook message or the player can also add them to their wish list and publish this on Facebook in the hope someone will send them.  If the player knows several other high-level players of Mafia Wars this method can prove best as it eliminates the element of chance.

Bodyguards are classed as an item in Mafia Wars and further subdivided into the armour section; the logic behind this is of course that bodyguards are there to protect the player and their mafia.  Bodyguards grant a bonus of eight to attack and twenty-five to defence when players use them in battles against other players mafia’s though the best items available are automatically selected by the computer in these battles. If you wish to check you have Bodyguards, and the total number you have it is possible to locate them in your Inventory under Loot somewhere in the armour section.

Bodyguards are a requirement for four jobs at higher levels.  Two of these jobs appear in the Capo level of jobs in New York.  The Whack a Rival Crew Leader and Recruit a Rival Crew Member jobs both require at least two Bodyguard’s in order for the player to be able to undertake the job.

The next two jobs requiring Bodyguards appear at the Boss level of jobs in New York.  Four Bodyguards are required here in order for the player to undertake the Take Control of a Casino and Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don jobs.

Bodyguards are necessary in order to under take these jobs so are worth the effort required by players to obtain them.  They can also be beneficial to lower level players engage in battles with rival Mafia War players though as the players level increases so does the likelihood they will have obtain better armour with higher stats.

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