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How to Find and Make Easy Seashell Crafts

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"How to Find and Make Easy Seashell Crafts"
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Seashells, found along ocean sides and lakes, can be used to create easy crafts. Whether you are crafting for entertainment, gift giving, jewelry, or room decor, seashells are an inexpensive, natural and versatile item. Seashells can also be purchased at inexpensive prices, at local craft stores, and dollar stores. Here are many ideas for easy crafts and projects for you to enjoy.


Decorate empty box tops with glued on seashells to create jewelry boxes, shadow boxes, or table top storage boxes.


Make a business card holder from recycled popsicle sticks, and glue on a few small seashells for decoration. Directions for making a business card holder, and other popsicle stick crafts are available at, How to Recycle and Reuse Popsicle Sticks with Crafts, Games, Activities, and Other Uses.


Kaity's Craft Corner for Kids Web site, contains step-by-step instructions on how to fill a large shell with candle wax, creating a sea shell candle for home or for gift giving.

Directions for making Sand Candles, a seashell craft project, are available on Making Friends Web site. Adult supervision is recommended for candle making projects, when children are involved.

CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS offers free directions for a seashell angel ornament. Use seashells to lower your holiday spending and have fun doing it. These angel ornaments make nice Sunday school gifts, and hostess gifts.

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Press small shells into Sculpey clay projects, such as a seashell paper clip or coin holder, for embellishment.


Glue or spackle sand and small seashells to wooden drawer knobs for a nautical look to a room.


Recycle empty jars into gift jars, or to hold other items. Wash and dry a glass jar and lid. Glue small to medium seashells on top, center of the lid and let dry. Embellish the jar with a ribbon for gift giving, or use for the home such as storing cotton balls. Shop at your local thrift stores to find mason jars and lids at low prices.


Using a small drill bit, drill holes into shells and attach to necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ankle bracelets.

With a plain barrette from the craft store, or craft section of your local department store, use a hot glue gun to attach small to medium sized seashells. Glue seashells to tops of summer hats too.

More seashell jewelry ideas:

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Collect small seashells, and fill a recycled gumball/toy bubble with them. Attach a keychain from your local craft store or craft section of your local department store for a unique keychain. Kids will enjoy assisting with this craft and can give as a gift or use for bicycle and locker keys, or library cards. Here is the link for directions on making a Recycled Gumball Bubble Keychain.

Simple keychains can be made by drilling a small hole in a shell, and with a small slip ring, attach it to a keychain from the craft department at your local department store (or craft store).


Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities Web site provides the directions for making a Sea Shell Paper Weight Craft. Collect shells along the beach or even lake, and make this for a unique teacher gift. Kids will have fun making these and adults too.


Using recycled deli containers (washed and dried), plastic cups, or inexpensive purchased cups, seashells can be used to create party utensil holders. Backyard Utensil Holders are fun for all occasions. Kids can make these for sleepover parties, family get-togethers, reunions, or scout parties. Adults will have fun making these for book club meetings, and other adult meetings when food is involved.

Snail shell place cards are a unique way to seat your guests at your next party or meal gathering. By gluing snail shells, with shell opening up, to poster board, you can create a fun and different place card that guests will want to take home with them.

Glue small shells to the ends of tooth picks to make homemade nautical party piks. By drilling a hole in small, thin shells, and attaching a piece of jewelry wire, you can decorate stemware. Visit HGTV's, Web page "beach party decorations" for instructions.

Glue shells onto a string of clear Christmas lights to create party lights.


Make a seashell picture frame by gluing shells to the top edges of a picture frame. Embellish it even more with rope, string or sand.


Refrigerator Seashell Magnets are a simple craft involving magnets and glue. Simply purchase magnets and glue them to seashells for your refrigerator, or gifts. Fill an empty Altoid or mint tin with them for a recycled gift box.


For an inexpensive room decoration, group a few large seashells and/or starfish together on a bathroom counter or table top. Use poster putty to attach smaller shells to a wall, to embellish ocean or sea photos, or as a simple decoration by themselves. Fill small baskets with shells, or jars.

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Painting pictures on seashells with a few paints will keep kids busy.


Collect or purchase small seashells to create wall pictures. Family Fun's Web site gives directions and a photo to make Sand Mosaics.


Kids and adults will enjoy creating unique stepping stones, using seashells and other natural materials. Decorate gardens and yards with homemade stepping stones. Create different shapes for specific holidays such as using a heart shaped candy box.


Simple items put together, using Family Fun's directions, make an easy Seashell Sailboat Craft. Make this for an entertaining pool toy, or an inexpensive bathtub toy.


Crafters resource center,, is an excellent Web site for craft project ideas and instructions. Seashell Wind Chimes craft project can be a boredom buster for kids, a summer activity, gift giving idea, educational tool in studying nature, or for home entertainment.


Glue seashells of all sizes and shapes to a wicker, or Styrofoam wreath. Add a bow, or other natural sea/ocean related items to embellish even more. ~ Maritime Crafts-Seashell Wreath Craft

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Ideas for easy crafts, using seashells are not limited to these. Drill tiny holes into small shells and sew them onto tote bags and purses. Glue shells to the edges of mirrors to adorn them. Use your imagination and create ideas of your own.

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