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How to Find all Weapon Parts and Weapon Upgrades in Tomb Raider 2013

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"How to Find all Weapon Parts and Weapon Upgrades in Tomb Raider 2013"
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March 2013’s universally acclaimed “Tomb Raider” reboot is the first game in the iconic series in which Lara Croft can actually level up. Using elements of adventure RPG games, Lara can gain XP and forage for salvage in order to upgrade her skills and her equipment. However, Lara is also able to upgrade her weapons by collecting weapon parts such as handgun parts, shotgun parts and bow parts. Once Lara has all of the required parts, which can be 3/3 or 2/2, Lara can rest at a bonfire to upgrade her weapon. Of course, the elusive weapon parts can be hard to find. Here is a guide to finding weapon parts to upgrade equipment in Tomb Raider 2013.

Finding and completing secret tombs

An optional feature in Tomb Raider is to, as the title suggests, raid tombs. Secret tombs can be located by resting at a bonfire or pressing select to open the map. The key there will tell you how many secret tombs there are. Exploring the map and finding these tombs will give you a challenging puzzle per tomb. Completing this puzzle will give you access to rare and secret treasure chests. Lara will gain a lot of XP and salvage as well as a map but from certain tombs, she will also find weapon parts. Be sure to never leave a tomb unexplored if you are looking to upgrade all weapons. Bow parts, gun parts and more can be found by completing these optional extras.

Looting enemy corpses

With the sheer amount of enemies that crop up in Tomb Raider, you may not actually see any good in continuing to loot corpses, particularly when you have levelled Lara up enough to not really need salvage or ammunition as much. However, looting enemy corpses will also occasionally give Lara weapon parts. You can never know exactly which enemy is going to drop a weapon part and therefore, it is always important to loot every single corpse that Lara kills. Never leave a man behind if you are intent on completing all of Lara’s equipment upgrades by finding all of the parts!

Revisiting old areas with new equipment

As you progress in Tomb Raider, Lara will gain new equipment. This new equipment which includes things such as rope arrows, a climbing axe and fire arrows will give Lara access to new areas that she could not explore previously. These secret areas can contain chests and even secret tombs. Basically, revisiting old areas can unlock many secrets when you have new equipment as you gain access to previously inaccessible areas.  Always be sure to backtrack by fast travelling at camps in order to re-explore whenever you get new equipment. Finding missing weapon parts can depend entirely on backtracking and using new equipment to your advantage!

Upgrading weapons is certainly a welcome part of Tomb Raider and while optional for the most part, actually collecting weapon parts and completing weapon upgrades certainly makes the game more exciting and more importantly, it makes weapons increasingly powerful to deal more damage, fire longer distances, make them more accurate and of course, look incredibly awesome. It also contributes to achievements. Needless to say; there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from hunting for weapon parts so be sure to use the aforementioned tips in the guide above to your advantage to help you find all weapon parts and upgrade all weapons in Tomb Raider 2013!

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