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How to Decorate a Pencil with a Christmas Theme

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"How to Decorate a Pencil with a Christmas Theme"
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Crafts are one of the most fun things to do for Christmas and decorating pencils with a Christmas theme can be a very fun activity for all. It's something that children and adults can do alike. All you need are several pencils. It can be really great if you are able to find all red or all green pencils. You don't want to buy pencils with designs already on them but if you buy pencils that are a solid green color or a solid red color, then you will have a base color for decorating. This makes it much easier to have a great Christmas themed pencil. 

Now, for your supplies, you will need some different things that can be used to decorate your pencil. You should have black, green and red sharpie markers because they will be able to actually write on the pencils. This way the kids can put their names on the pencils or if you have regular pencils, you will be able to color the pencil a solid color or make the pencils striped green and red. 

Another item that you should buy for decorating your Christmas themed pencil is stickers. Stickers can be found anywhere, specially Christmas stickers around Christmas time. You can get christmas trees, christmas stars, etc. There are a lot of really neat designs that you will be able to find. 

Lastly, you can get different things such as clay. Clay can be molded around them. You can make different designs this way. You can also mold erasers out of clay. They will not actually work as erasers but they will be able to be put on the end of the pencil and they will look the same. It will be a wonderful project to do as a family or to do at a school. It is a wonderful project overall and everyone will enjoy participating in it. It's also fun because pencils are actually usable. We use pencils all of the time in everyday life and so it will be great and amazing and wonderful to use your pencils again. You can remember the fun time you had making them and you can go ahead and just enjoy everything. It is truly a great experience for everyone and it is a really great, fun thing to do. I predict that if you give decorating pencils for Christmas as a craft a chance, you will absolutely love it!

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