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How to Build a Model of the Washington Monument

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"How to Build a Model of the Washington Monument"
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After the Lincoln Memorial in downtown Washington D.C., the Washington Monument is probably one of the most recognizable monuments in the country. Though simple in design and appearance, it’s elegance causes people who see it in person to feel as if standing in a moment lost in time; after all the Washington Monument is so named to honor our first president, one of our founding fathers, and the man who led the army in the revolutionary war. All of this over two centuries ago. It’s no wonder that people would like to make a model of the Washington Monument for themselves.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to build a model of the Washington Monument is to use sugar cubes; which is actually rather interesting when you consider that the real thing is actually made of cubes as well. To make your model this way, all you have to do is buy a box of sugar cubes, then sit down and get to work. To get the cubes to stick together you can either dip an edge in a bowl of water, or simply lick a side. To make your model, all you have to do is lay down four cubes for the base to form a square, then lick or dip to make them stick together, then lay four more on top, etc, until you’ve got your obelisk looking similar in dimension to the real McCoy. Then, for the top all you have to do is cut your four cubes so they come to a point in the middle. And that’s pretty much it. Though you might want to glue your model to a piece of wood or something otherwise it won’t stand up on its own very well.

If you’d like to make a more permanent model, or a bigger one, you probably ought to go with using wood. To do it this way, you’d need plywood for the walls and some wood rods or thin boards to help serve as a base and backbone so your model will hold together well.

Before starting, you will first need to figure out just how big you want your model to be so that you will know how much wood to get. To help in figuring it out, remember that the model will be the same width on all four sides making a square, so what you really need to do is decide how big you want that square to be as it will also determine how high your model will go, because you will want to keep the model in the same proportions as the real thing.

The way to put the model together is to glue or nail thin strips of wood board to the edges of the plywood, rather than trying to glue the plywood piece to one another directly, and then nailing the thin strips of wood board to each other. To proceed then, you first make a box with no top or bottom, just four walls; with the thin wood board meeting at the joints. Then, inside the box, you’ll want to make a cross joint to give the box strength. Then, all you need to do is make more of those same kinds of boxes until you have enough so that when you put them one on top of the other, they will be as tall as you’re after. Of course, the top box will have to be made in such as way as to have the top of it come to a point with the plywood, which will require cutting the plywood, but that should be pretty easy.

Once you have all your boxes made, all you will need to do next is stack them and connect them to one another the same way you connect the walls together.

And then, finish by painting it white.

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