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How to Build a Magic the Gathering Eldrazi Deck

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"How to Build a Magic the Gathering Eldrazi Deck"
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It seems very clear that wizards of the coast wants us to create Eldrazi decks and I hate to disappoint the great men and women up in Seattle if I can avoid it. And it does seem clear that there are going to be a few Eldrazi decks in tournaments though there is still some question in my mind whether they can actually compete in a standard format that can put out a 20/20 indestructible creature on the third turn, but assuming the question isn’t can it win but how do I make the best deck there are some good points.

One of the major advantages of the Eldrazi is that they are colorless and this should be taken advantage of by using their abilities in colors that typically do not have access to that. For example if you are playing a blue or red deck without a lot of creatures then All is Dust is a huge advantage as it will let you do something you couldn’t do before, while green may simply want to focus on getting out a creature quickly.

Before you decide on the color you want it is important to decide what Eldrazi you want. You will likely not play with more than three or four of the large creatures in a deck most of the time and so you’ll likely want to keep the type consistent.

While Emrakul is the most impressive the truth is that you shouldn’t need him to win a game. Any of the Eldrazi will win the game quickly if they are not killed and so take the least expensive choice you can find. I think Kozilek Butcher of truth and Ulamog the Infinate Gyre are the best but there are not that many so decide based on the deck strategy. Drawing four cards is going to be more useful to red than doesn’t do that well than green or blue who do, while indestructible is going to be most useful in a deck that expects him to do most of the damage himself.

Once you have decided on which Eldrazi the question becomes getting to its cost. No matter what wizards may say I’d suggest giving yourself a seven turn window to put it into play. Any more than that and you’re just giving your opponent too much time. This shouldn’t be hard though, simply pick the best Eldrazi spawn cards for your color. Green likely will be easiest, though blacks removal spells are tempting.

As with any deck the real key to this is testing. On one really knows how the Eldrazi decks will do until they have played them, and with so many epic rares and rares that is going to take time, for now though, remember that standard is still fast.

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