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How to become a Toy Tester

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"How to become a Toy Tester"
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Testing toys sounds like an exciting job: free new toys for your kids to play with. Toys are sent out every month. Some companies let you keep the toys, while others want you to send them back. Most important to the company is the feedback you provide on how well your kids liked the toy, or how much they learned.

The downside is that toy testing jobs are hard to find. For millions of people, testing out new toys is the ultimate dream job. These millions of people keep an eye out for fun jobs wherever they appear.

Some companies give out toy tester jobs as rewards in contests. Right now at, Fisher Price is holding a contest where you submit an explanation of why you should be a toy tester in 25 words or less. You also have to sign up for their newsletter, so you get to see all of their new upcoming toys.

Also check the websites of your favorite toy companies. They may want testers, or they may have contests for people to become testers. See if they host events and find out where they are held. Toys R Us has events all the time, from Pokemon giveaways to special birthday parties. You may not find a toy testing job, but you will find many other cool events.

Sometimes a toy company will host a big toy testing meeting that is open to the public. These may be to test toys for a certain age group, or to find out if a certain toy is educational. These take place in large population centers, so if you live in one, keep an eye on local events.

Other ways to locate a toy tester job is to treat it like any other job, and search for openings at or Check every couple of days, because tester openings fill up fast. Prepare a resume in advance listing your skills, schooling, and past work experience. You will probably have the best results in a large city.

Another way to locate a position is to find small toy stores in your area. Visit them or give them a call to find out if they have any openings for a toy tester. Sometimes they have new toys that need testing. They might also need someone to demonstrate toys in front of customers. Large corporate toy companies will probably not hire people this way, as they prefer you to submit a resume in advance, either at the store or online.

You can also apply to survey companies and research groups. Sometimes toy companies will use these companies to do their research, and if you are a member of these groups, then the job of testing and researching will be passed on to you.

A job testing toys sounds like great fun, and is well worth the search. If you are really interested, a little digging on the internet reveals all kinds of opportunities. Check the websites of your favorite toy company and see if they have any openings or events. Check local stores and job listings. You never know what you might find, and your kids will love having a supply of new toys. Your wallet will thank you, too.


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