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How can i Make Snowflakes from Recycled Cardboard and Yarn

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"How can i Make Snowflakes from Recycled Cardboard and Yarn"
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Busy Moms and Dads are always looking for crafts activities that will keep their children occupied and happy during the winter holiday period. While we are all worried about the need to keep recycling materials, we need to make sure we incorporate recycled items into our crafting.

Making snowflakes from recycled cardboard and yarn is a great activity for all the family, as each person can work independently to their own level, and yet everybody can join in at the same time.

Sort out some of your odds and ends of yarn – if you can find some blue, white, neon and sparkly yarns you will find they work best for the projects below

You can use any cardboard for these craft activities, but you will find that the medium-weight cardboard is best. If you have cardboard that is too light-weight, it will buckle when you try to use it, and if it is too sturdy you won’t be able to cut it to shape.

This great craft activity only need the basic materials of cardboard, yarn, glue and scissors. You might find that a craft knife is useful, but it is optional, and should obviously only be used by adults.

First, cover the table you are going to use with a large sheet so that you can bundle up all the mess afterwards and throw it in the recycling.

Neon Snowflakes

You can make fabulous neon snowflakes by drawing and cutting out a snowflake design on cardboard, drizzling a pattern of glue on the snowflake and covering the glue with neon yarn. This works best if you have the kind of glue that comes in a tube so that you can control where it goes. Press the yarn down and leave it to dry.

As some of the cardboard will still be showing on this snowflake, try to choose a white piece of cardboard. 

Star of David Snowflake

There are great instructions for a Star of David on JewishMom’s website. If you use blue and silver (or white) yarn, you can use the same method to make stunning snowflakes.

Make your snowflakes in a range of sizes and they can be hung up like a garland, or hung dnwards along a string to be hung vertically.

Pin Work

If you have some dressmaking pins you can make beautiful ethereal snowflakes. Draw out a basic snowflake design on the cardboard. There is no need to cut it out, or to make it too elaborate.

Stick a pin into each of the points, and at one or two points along the arms. If you are working with you children, use the pins that have colored plastic blobs on the ends to make them safer.

Now, take your yarn. Sparkly, hairy yarns work well with this craft.  Tie the yarn to the first pin, and then wind it round the others until you have a design you are happy with. Try not to overlap the yarn too much.

Spray the yarn with spray glue, hairspray or paint it with a layer of watered down PVA glue. Allow to dry.

Once your snowflake is dry you can pull the pins out and lift the snowflake off. Hang up using matching yarn.


The last method for making a snowflake from recycled cardboard and yarn is to cut out a shape from cardboard and cover it with yarn by winding it round and round. Tie the end when you have covered as much as you want to.

These snowflakes look better if they are made quite small, and made using the sparkly gold or silver yarn that is used for crochet patterns.

It is always good to use recycled materials in your craft activities. Most materials have a long life, and can be used twice or even three times before they need to go to be recycled into new products. Take a look around your home and see what else you can use. Try making snowflakes from cotton buds, coffee filters, doilies or foil containers.

Happy crafting!

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