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Homemade Spider Man Halloween Costume Ideas

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"Homemade Spider Man Halloween Costume Ideas"
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Spider-man costumes are a popular choice at Halloween. When making your own homemade costume, you can choose to make a original red and blue Spider-man costume or a black Venom Halloween costume. You can make both of these costumes cheaply and easily using common materials. Referring to pictures from the Spider-man movies will help you to make your costume look more authentic.

Original Red and Blue Spider-man Halloween Costume

Buy a Spider-man mask from a costume store.  Buy two tight-fitting long-sleeved shirts, one in red and one in blue. Make sure the red shirt matches the red Spider-man mask. Cut up the red shirt to match the pattern of red on Spider-man's upper body. The red portion on the upper part of the Spider-man costume runs along the shoulders, down the arms, down the chest and around the waist. Also buy some close-fitting long blue pants, long red socks and long red gloves. Long underwear would be ideal for both the red and blue parts of the Spider-man costume. However, ensure that there are no buttons or other closures anywhere on the underwear. Also make sure that the other red costume items match the red of the shirt and the Spider-man mask as closely as possible. You can use this picture of the Spider-man costume as a guide.

Find some blue and red fabric paint. Paint the Spider-man emblem at the center of the chest on the red costume piece. Place the costume pieces over newspaper and stuff the blue shirt, the socks and the gloves with plastic grocery bags. Paint blue webbing all along the red parts of the costume, including the gloves and socks. Paint a red Spider-man emblem on the back of the blue shirt. Hang the costume pieces or place them on a rack to dry. Don't allow the paint to come in contact with any surface while it's drying. When the Spider-man costume pieces are completely dry, sew or hot glue the cut-up red shirt onto the blue one.

Black Venom Spider-man Halloween Costume from Spider-man 3

Get a full-length black unitard or close-fitting set of long underwear. For best results, buy your costume pieces in lycra or spandex. Also buy some black socks and black gloves and some white, grey or silver fabric paint with a nozzle tip. Also get a black Venom mask from a costume store.

Stuff the unitard or long underwear with plastic grocery bags. Use this high-resolution picture of the Venom Spider-man emblem from the website as a guide to paint the emblem on the chest of your costume. Use this picture of Venomas a guide for creating the network of spiderwebs on the Venom costume. You can also find other Venom pictures on the website that can help you to get the right spiderweb pattern. Place the costume pieces on hangers or a rack. Allow the paint to dry completely before wearing the Venom Spider-man costume.

For more information about Spider-man, visit the website.

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