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Great Gift Ideas for Seamstresses

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"Great Gift Ideas for Seamstresses"
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If you are planning a gift for the seamstress in your life, you should know that a seamstress would love to receive anything that is sewing related. A seamstress can never get enough of the sewing aids and tools available. Seamstresses are always sewing so need new sewing items all the time.

There are things a seamstress would like more than other things. Here is a list of sewing items a seamstress would like the most:

It is always good to have more than one pair. It is good to have different sized scissors, also.

A sewing basket

There are a variety of sewing baskets available. You can find them in craft stores, sewing stores, or novelty shops. I have two different sewing baskets. One is on legs and has two lids. It also has a handle. Underneath the lids are 3 compartments each and a main bottom area. I store the following sewing items in this sewing basket: bias binding, lace, ribbon, embroidery thread, sequins, beads, snappers, and other sewing items.

My other sewing basket is a colorful straw shopping basket. I keep my current sewing project in this basket, so I can carry it to different rooms. In it I have my dressmaking scissors, needles, thread, and material. It is a hand-sewing project so sometimes I work on it in front of the TV and other times I work on it in my sewing room.

There are many other types of sewing baskets. The most common sewing basket is something like a colorful straw toolbox with a lid and handle. In it are a bunch of little compartments for different sewing items.

A mannequin

A seamstress who designs and makes dresses would certainly love an adjustable mannequin. She can adjust it to her exact measurements to making fitting them so much easier. She can also design and drape on the mannequin. You can find these in top quality fabric shops.

A sewing machine

Your seamstress may want another type of sewing machine. There are a few different types of sewing machines. The cost of a sewing machine can run anywhere from $99 to $20,000. A top quality embroidery machine costs upwards of $20,000. A good Baby Loc machine costs anywhere from $400 on up. The cheapest sewing machine which is around $99 is the best bet for the beginner. It is a good machine and does everything needed to make any garment that a beginner can tackle.

Any professional seamstress usually wants the Baby Loc. It is good for sewing knitted fabric and gives an overcast stitch like you see in factory polo shirts and T-shirts.

The $20,000 embroidery machine is usually wanted by women or men who do embroidery on garments for a living, such as the embroidery on sports uniforms and the sewing on of patches and emblems on sports garments or camp garments.

A good ordinary sewing machine costs about $400 dollars and up and also does a lot of different things such as embroidery.

A nice sewing kit

A sewing kit could include a scissors, thread, needles, pincushion, tape measure, and drafting tool. The seamstress can always use this extra kit.

A Dress Design Kit

A dress design kit would include a curved ruler, a T-square, pattern paper, and maybe a dress design book.

A Dress Design Book or a Sewing Book

Seamstresses can always use more information about sewing whether they are professional or beginners.

A custom designed sewing kit

This would include anything your seamstress might need or want the most. Such as a big box of different colored spools of thread, a large box of packages of straight pins, a huge box of different sizes of elastic, a box filled with spools of lace, a collection of sewing machine needles, or whatever else you might think of.


A seamstress is always delighted with rolls of fabric or even pieces of fabric. Once you have a piece of fabric you can always figure out what to do with it.

When shopping for your seamstress go to craft stores, sewing shops, fabric shops, or department stores that have a sewing department. Your seamstress will be delighted with anything that is related to sewing. If you have the money to spend, buy her something she couldn't buy herself and she will certainly be thrilled.

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