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Fun Things for Kids to do in Cold Weather

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"Fun Things for Kids to do in Cold Weather"
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With winter and fall descending upon us the weather will begin to cool. Summer heat is a thing of the past and all kids can think of during the cold weather seasons is what they'll do for play.

Although you may not find it particularly fun to go out in the cold; kids have a blast. Once the leaves change color, snow, depending on your area, begins to fall and the weather turns cold - it's the perfect time to enjoy the world.

The following is a collection of fun things for kids to do in cold weather; just remember the scarves!

Idea 1: Sledding or Tubing

Skiing and snowboarding may be a little bit too far out the league of kids but sleds and tubing can be one of the most enjoyable activities to do in the snow.

Fast speeds, dozens of kids climbing and sliding down the hill, what's not to enjoy when kids are out and about playing in the cold weather.

Idea 2: Build a snowman

A classic staple when the snow falls; kids can roll snowballs into various sized parts and build a snowman.

Idea 3: Snowball fight!

Ah, snowball fights. Get enough kids together and it can become an all out free for all; snowball fights are safe and can be enjoyable when combined with other games such as cops & robbers.

Idea 4: Camping

For those that are out of the snowy areas (or don't mind it all at all), camping during the cold weather seasons can be very enjoyable as nature turns color and all can huddle around a campfire roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.

Idea 5: Crafts and hobbies

Although going outside can be fun, staying inside to work on crafts and hobbies can be equally rewarding. With the biting cold only a thought, kids can stay indoors and create unique items using a variety of craft goods and hobby supplies.

Idea 6: Board/video games

You may not want your child sitting in front of the television all day but no doubt playing video games can be a lot of fun. Likewise, dust off those old board games and get the family and friends together from some classic board game action.

Idea 7: Do something artistic

Writing, drawing, painting, music, videos - a kid’s imagination is vast and limitless. Give them the right technology or tools and kids will have a blast working on artistic projects even when it's too cold to go outside.

Idea 8: Go out to a park or other destination

Stuck in the house the whole cold seasons will probably get boring quick so why not take the kids out to a local park or other fun location where they can run free, look at amazing scenes of nature and be around their other friends to play games.


Just because its cold doesn't mean kids have to stop having fun; indoor and outdoor activities are only limited by a child’s imagination (which is limitless and ever growing at their age). Encourage kids to continue to have fun and find new things to do even when it's cold outside.

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