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Free Printable Wood Burning Patterns

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"Free Printable Wood Burning Patterns"
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The art of wood burning, otherwise known as Pyrography, dates back to the time of Egyptians. This art involves decorating pieces of wood, by burning a pattern into the wood with a heated tool. This art is also popular by using gourds and leather.

Anyone can learn the art of wood burning, using free online instructions at Web site From selecting your wood, to finishing your first project, the lessons in this tutorial are very helpful.

For help with choosing the right wood burning tool, and transferring your wood burning pattern, visit Web site

Patterns that are burned into wood, or gourd, are unique, and can create stunning displays of art. Free patterns are available online through various resources. Here is a list that will help with finding those free patterns for wood burning.

Gary's Woodburnings: Free patterns that can be copied and used for wood burning or other crafts.

The Web site, has over 200 free patterns for you to use for practice. The patterns are all copyrighted and may not be used for items that are sold. For the free patterns for practicing purposes, visit Web site

For a free wood working catalog, visit This catalog includes many help wood working tips, including the art of pyrography and patterns.

Visit Wood Carver online magazine at, for tips and helpful information.

For personal use only, you can print up to ten copies of each wood carving pattern on this Web page Most of these free patterns work well for practicing wood burning, however cannot be used for selling your finished project.

Dark Wood Carving's Web site provides a few free patterns for personal use. Visit Web site for patterns.

For free online wood carving projects and tutorials visit Web site

Firestarter Pyrography's, Unique Art on Wood or Leather, Web site offers free wood burning and leather burning patterns at

Sue Walter's Web site offers 3 free wood burning patterns for personal artist use. Visit her Web site at

Sign up and register for free at Applied Pyrography's Web site. You must be registered to view any images or free patterns. This site protects images from being stolen for other uses other than personal. To register, visit

Order a free catalog from Treeline USA, the Wood Craft Specialists. To order a free copy of this magazine, visit

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