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Free Crochet Patterns Butterflies Bugs Insects

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"Free Crochet Patterns Butterflies Bugs Insects"
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Here are some free crochet patterns for butterflies, bugs and insects. One pattern is for a beautiful butterfly throw. The others are for various items, including some Amigurumi critters.

Free Crochet Pattern - Butterfly Throw:  This is a beautiful crocheted afghan that is made in blocks. The good thing about blocks is that you can take your craft with you and work on it anywhere. This is an intermediate level crochet pattern, but if you know how to make a granny square, you will be fine.  The crocheted throw is shown in pink and white but would also look beautiful in any color. You could also make a multi colored afghan using butterflies in different colors! This free pattern is in pdf format so you will need Adobe to print it.  To print the free pattern for the Butterfly Throw click here then look for the red link for the pdf file.

Free Crochet Pattern - Butterfly Graph:  This is a free pattern for a graph that you can use in your crochet projects. If you know how to crochet, you can use this graph to add the butterfly to pillows, sweaters, afghan blocks, crocheted bags, or whatever else you can dream up.  To print the free pattern for the Butterfly Graph click here.

Free Crochet Pattern - Fuzzy Little Friends Bees:  These darling little bees are just too cute! You can make up a bunch of these quick and easy. The pattern is really just an egg shape with wings. These little bees would make nice party favors to give to your guests for any summer party. They also make cute little cat toys. To print the free pattern for the Fuzzy Little Friends Bees click here.

Free Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Inchworm:  This cute little inchworm would be such a cute gift to give to any boy or girl. This stuffed toy is easy to crochet since it's mostly a tube. You will need a small amount of Polyfil to complete the project. If you don't have Polyfil, you can always stuff it with plastic grocery bags. To print the free pattern for the Amigurumi Inchworm click here.

Free Crochet Pattern - Lady Bug-A-Boo:  This tiny lady bug falls into the Amigurumi category. You will need to request the pattern from the designer, but it's free.  To print the free pattern for Lady Bug-A-Boo click here.

Free Crochet Pattern - Dragonfly Appliqué:  If you like dragonflies, you will love this simple pattern for a dragonfly appliqué. You can sew this dragonfly appliqué on so many things like a purse, a sweater, on baby booties, on afghans... just anything! To print the free pattern for the Dragonfly Appliqué click here.

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