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February Craft Ideas for Kids

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"February Craft Ideas for Kids"
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Crafts are wonderful activities for children.  They allow them to explore their creativity and learn about different topics as well.  If you are in the month of February, there are many wonderful crafts that you can do to go along with the month.  The following are some crafts you might want to try.

Valentine’s Day craft

Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday, and it is fun to do craft for this holiday.  There are many things that you can do.  For instance, you could have the children make a Valentine’s Day card for their parents.  This can be very sweet.  You can take construction paper and fold it in half.  They can then decorate it with items such as crayons, markers, sequins, glitter, rhinestones and more.  This can be something that is fun for them to make and nice for them to give.

There are many other Valentine’s Day crafts that would be nice to go along with the holiday.  One easy way would be to have them make a heart magnet.  You can take some construction paper and have them cut out the shape of a heart (or have it pre-cut out if the children are very young).  Then they can decorate it with the methods listed above.  After they decorate it, you simply need to attach a magnet to the back.  They sell magnets that have stickers on the back that you can just place right on them.

Flowers are a big part of Valentine’s Day.  The children can make a little paper bouquet.  You can take a coffee filter.  Have them decorate it with markers that will not wash away in water.  Then you wet the coffee filter (it shouldn’t fall apart since its meant to get wet) and you attach a pipe cleaner to it.  Puff up the coffee filter until it resembles a flower and wait for it to dry.

Winter craft

February is obviously a winter month, and you might just want to do a winter craft.  For instance, you can take some white paper and have them fold it.  They can then cut out pieces with a scissor and cut around it.  When you unfold it, it will often come out looking like a pretty snowflake.  They can leave it like it is or then decorate it.  They can also attach a string to it so that they might hang it.

There are many wonderful crafts for February.  Consider the above crafts for your kids.

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